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Are you looking for unique outdoor and indoor lighting products to decorate your house beautifully? Well, 99FAB.COM has got you covered. Here at 99FEB, we ensure the highest customer satisfaction with a reasonable price and long-lasting service guarantee.

Thus, you can choose the perfect one from the wide range of light collections and decorate your house the way you want. Here are some of the options available to choose from.

LED Lighting

Our vast collection includes both wired and wireless LED Bulbs with different unique designs. They are simply perfect for decorating your wall, corridor, or any part of your house to create a warm ambiance.

For example, one of our best-selling items, LED Flame Effect Light Bulb is perfect for places with antique vibes like churches, castles, retro-style bedrooms, living rooms, bars, outdoor gardens, party decorations, etc. There are many options for decorating your room or your kid’s room in an attractive way.

Accent Lamps

Made from high-quality materials with exceptional design, the extensive collection of accent lamps is mesmerizing! These lamps will provide you with bright and engaging light that brings a soothing vibe to every corner of your room.

From animal-themed lamps to simple classic designs, you can choose any style that matches your preference.

Ceiling Lights

In case you prefer something modern to light up your rooms, 99FAB.COM will support you with its fantastic celling lighting products.

Here, you will find colorful wood LED ceiling lights, wooden LED ceiling lighting, luxury crystal lamp, and many more items that create an aesthetic ambiance while lighting up your surroundings.

Ceiling Light Fixtures

Simple and sleek finish as well as a retro look – we offer different shaped lighting fixtures that are perfect to create a soft and romantic atmosphere in a home, restaurant, or other places. These home lighting fixtures also serve decorative purposes that everyone falls in love with!

On top of that, all of our items come with a strong build and perfect angles so that they can stick with the celling firmly.


While it’s about to bring an aristocratic vibe to a place, nothing but chandeliers can do it precisely! Therefore, to keep the customer’s choices in mind, 99FAB.COM assemble chandeliers with light design and the extra magnific ones. You can easily find the perfect chandeliers that go well with your room style.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are a great selection to remove darkness from your room’s corner. Besides regular use, these vintage-style lights can be used for preparing a stage or photographic zone.

Our lights come with a robust build and perfect balance. You can also adjust the height to get an ideal position.

Novelty Lamps

If you like to decorate your room with a captivating illumination, pendent and table novelty lamps will do the job perfectly. With a sooting color and minimalist design, our lights are capable of complementing your taste. Explore our distict collections of novelty lamps to buy for you.

Table Lamps

A cute table light on your reading table or a bedside table can change the overall appeal of a room. 99FAB.COM contains an extensive array of table lamps of different shapes and materials. Pick one that goes well with your requirements.

Torchiere Lamps

Torchiere lamps are an excellent option to create a  sleek and unique silhouette in your home or office decoration. With a convenient shape and hard metal construction, our lamp will be part of your beautiful space for many more years for sure.

Wall Lighting

Lighting accessories are pretty good for beautifying your home ambiance. And using wall light for this purpose is indeed a good decision. So, check out our indoor wall lighting fixtures and find out the best-suited one for your home.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are a perfect selection for dining rooms, restaurants, and bars decoration. These colorful light lamps with a graceful appearance can create an enchanting illumination – as you desire!


Lanterns are special lighting equipment that combines classic and modern vibes in any decoration. At 99FAB.COM, we offer hundreds of exclusive designs that serve individual purposes. You can find suitable lanterns for both indoor and outdoor pursuits.

Outdoor Lighting

Whether going for a campaign or wanting to deck up your garden or yard, outdoor lighting supplies are the things you have to use. Brighten up your swimming pool, lawn, or even a campaign night; we have special lighting lamps for every situation.

So what are you waiting for? Make your place beautiful with these beautiful lights.


Let’s check some questions that you might also wonder about.

How Do I Choose Which Lights to Buy?

When choosing a light to buy, you should focus on a few things, like the measurement and functions of your space, architectural and decorative features of your room, etc. Make sure it matches the vibe of your room and meets your requirements.

Why Do My Bulbs Seem to Burn Out Quickly?

The most common reason for the quick burnout of a bulb is the high voltage in a home. Besides this, there are other things like excessive fixture vibration, depressed socket tab, loose connection or short circuit, etc., which can be the reason for your problem.

Where to Buy High-Quality Light Bulbs?

If you are searching for high-quality bulbs, 99FAB.COM is the place you can surely go for. Here you will find a wide range of bulbs with different shapes and designs, serving different purposes. Each item contains unique values to offer, and they will also provide long-lasting service.

How Much Lighting is Good Lighting for a Room?

It depends on the purposes the room serves. A sitting room or bedroom doesn’t need too powerful lights. Around 10-20 lumens per square foot is okay for them. But as the bathroom or kitchen needs more powerful light, 70-80 lumens per square foot will be good for them.

Is Dust on a Light Bulb a Fire Hazard?

Yes, dust on a light bulb can eventually become a fire hazard. Whether fluorescent, incandescent, or halogen, it can cause fires if they are not appropriately maintained. And this potentially leads to a fire incident.

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