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Coat Hangers

Tired of a creased and ruffled coat? So searching for some quality coat hangers for you? 99feb has you covered with high-quality coat hangers that can meet your needs.

Let’s explore our nine popular types of coat hangers for sale.

9 Unique Coat Hangers Options to Arrange Your Closet

Selecting a hanger is simple, but finding an exceptional one is not. Here at 99feb we have a variety of coat hanger collections for you. Let’s know a bit details about them to find yours.

Leather coat hangers

Though the uses of leather coat hangers are uncommon, these hangers will be the most luxurious option. They are made of deluxe leather and come in different sizes.

People with leather coats can choose these coat hangers to show their taste in elegance. For example, you might have a tailored leather jacket of huge size that needs a customized hanger.

Let’s not forget about customized color as well.

Black coat hangers

Not to mention, black hangers are the most common. And who doesn’t have black hangers in their closet, right?

At 99feb, we have a wide range of black coat hangers collections. They come in various sizes and designs – a bulky design or a slim design. So you can choose according to your coat size. These hangers are mostly made from plastic making them lightweight and easy to carry.

Aluminum coat hangers

Looking for some slim and minimalist design coat hangers? Then you must go for Aluminium coat hangers as they are durable and lightweight at the same time. These coat hangers are always in the most wanted category for shoppers.

You can reserve them without wasting space inside your closet as they have a very slim design. In addition, if you are traveling, you can carry these hangers as they have a slender design. More like a lifetime investment for your closet!

Blue plastic coat hangers

Well, blue is a popular color these days. If you want to match your coat with its hangers, you can choose this option. They come with a durable plastic material with easy functionality that can even carry a bulky one.

Powder coating hangers

As the name suggests, these hangers are coated with powder. These hangers are available in various colors, made from stainless steel or aluminum.

Hence, you can pick your favorite color for the coat hangers. Like aluminum coat hangers, powder coating hangers have a slimmer design that can save space. Besides, you can carry them easily in a suitcase. Additionally, they will last longer since they are made from anti-rust material.

Soft coat hangers

These hangers are mostly made from wood and have broad shoulders. Interestingly, the attribute that makes them soft is the integration of matt rubber. The rubber portions will provide the necessary friction, preventing your coats from falling easily.

The hangers look simple yet classy. However, as they are made from wood, they are heavier compared to other types of hangers. Also, they may take up more space in your closet and briefcase.

Acrylic coat hangers

Nowadays, acrylic plastic is being used to produce various home appliances, including coat hangers. These hangers have become widely popular lately because they are simply nice-looking.

Acrylic hangers are available in various colors, making them ideal for decorating your closet. Also, they are available in transparent colors – look like glass. So you can go for those simple yet elegant-looking hangers.

Stainless coat hangers

These hangers are popular, like aluminum and powder-coated hangers. Those are durable and rust-free hangers for holding your cloth securely for years.

They are a little heavier than aluminum hangers. However, for the slim design, they will take lesser space in your closet and travel bag.

Collapsing coat hangers

In terms of functionality and design, they are the most popular. As they are collapsible, you can carry them by making them smaller. That’s why they are the best kind of hand one could have in terms of traveling.

Why Choose 99Feb?

99feb offers a wide variety of hanger collections with unique designs and materials. So you can choose according to the purpose and taste.

Vist 99feb.com and choose yours, considering the closet space and traveling requirement.

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