Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Front of House

Probably you were searching for outdoor lighting ideas for the front of the house. Well, go through this article to see some fascinating ideas about outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lighting has a more significant impact on showing your choice and heights of decoration to others. When someone visits your house, their first impression comes from the front yard view.

Here we have accumulated some unique ideas for lighting the outdoor front section of your house. Let's explore.

1. Main Gate Lighting Idea

The main gate part is the most crucial section of your house. Outdoor lighting usually starts from this section. You can use lamppost lights on the main gate section.

Moreover, the main gate and main door sections are very similar. Therefore, you can use the same lighting modules in both places.

Pro Tip:

Place adequate light in the both sides of the entrance. You can also add some lights to the main entrance's upper wall (if any).

Image: Main Gate Lighting Idea

2. Front Gardening Lighting Idea

The front garden part takes the whole impression when someone enters your house by crossing the main gate. It is the most crucial part of the house. You can do simple lighting or add some exclusive colorful lights.

Pro Tip:

Carefully place lights one or two feet far from trees. However, don't use very powerful bulbs in this outdoor area. It is better to use radiation-free bulbs for gardening lighting.

Front Garden Lighting
Image: Front Garden Lighting

3. Front House Path Lighting idea

Adding pathway lights helps new visitors to find the main door. Path lighting works as a directory sign for visitors. Moreover, such lighting reduces the chances of falling and slipping. You can add path lights on both sides of walkways. Undoubtedly, the walkway lighting decoration looks so fabulous.

Pro Tip:

Use white bricks to create a path from the gate to the main door. Then add colorful lights to get an impressive look during nighttime. With such kinds of lights, you decorate outside walls also.

Image: Front House Path Lighting

4. Outdoor Pool Lighting

The pool is the most beautiful part of a house to arrange parties or swim at leisure. On a beautiful sunny morning, everyone wants to spend time surrounding the pool area. However, more fantastic moments could come by adding lights underneath the pool water during the nighttime.

Lighttight transforms the front yard into a piece of heaven on the nighttime pool. Your poetic mind will get the satisfying inner feelings from that kind of lovely surroundings.

Pro Tip:

Place some bulbs on the swimming pool floor. You can also use some lights on the area you used to sit.

Image: Pool Lighting

5. Garage Area Lighting Idea

Although the garage is not the main attraction part of a house, proper lighting makes this place look better. Yellow color LED lights are most appropriate for the outer part of a garage. But don't forget to use white color lights inside the garage.

Garage lighting is necessary from the evening to the morning period. Some of us also use the garage light for the whole day to create beautiful illumination.

Pro Tip:

Choose some spotlights that can illuminate your vehicle and also add enough lighting so you can do repair works or other tasks inside the garage.

Image: Garage Lighting

6. Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Backyard

Most of the time, we don't focus on backyard decoration. However, a little care and decoration make the place more attractive. A decorated backyard is preferable for family meetings, outdoor birthday parties, family dinners, etc. Plus, backyard lighting shows your class to visitors.

Pro Tip:

If you don't have extra time for backyard decoration, keep the area clean. Some colorful lights are enough to increase the backyard look to add more dynamism.

Image: Backyard Lighting

7. Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas for Trees

Christmas is the most colorful time of the year. Colorful lights are necessary during this high snow time from religious or non-religious points. Lights on Christmas trees create a magic kingdom.

Pro Tip:

Decorate your backyard and front yard with colorful Christmas trees.

In the market, you will find ready-made structures like Christmas trees. You can also add lighting to those structures to make them look excellent.

Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas for Trees

Image: Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas for Trees

8. Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Halloween

Events like Halloween also demand colorful lighting decorations. At such a cheerful time of the season, only bright lighting can come up with the proper answer.

However, outside decoration is not that easy. Therefore, you can take the assistance of some experienced event manager to add illumination effect on your outdoor and indoor with colorful lights setup.

Apart from Halloween events, outdoor lighting is usable at other party times. Moreover, lighting outdoors is also an enjoyable moment. Who doesn't enjoy this decorating work?

Image: Halloween Lighting Idea

9. Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Patios

You can use patios part of your house for picnic and family gathering purposes.

Pro Tip:

To set up outdoor dinner on patios, use small bulbs to light the place like a mini cafe. On the floor, use a simple mat. Then place the dining table and chairs on the mat. Now you can decorate the place more by just adding 12-50 small bulbs hanging by ropes.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Patios
Image: Party Lighting

Reasons Why Outdoor Lighting for Front of House?

There are many reasons for outdoor lighting. Let's see the primary reasons for doing outdoor lighting in the front house.

Makes House Beautiful

Lighting outdoor houses are very commonly practiced in the USA. Mainly, light on different sections of the house increases the beauty. Most people start to judge from outside of the home. Therefore, it is necessary to complete the decorative task with ambient lights.

Furthermore, outdoor lighting for the front house creates spaces for family dinners, parties, and more. So, do outdoor lighting to look your home look more attractive.

Low-Cost Decoration

You can permanently decorate the whole outside parts of your house with lights at a meager cost. Moreover, outdoor lighting is possible in your house's backyard and front yard. Different lighting options, such as LED flame light bulbs, can create a different look for your home without spending much.

Easy Decoration

Lighting outside the front part of the house doesn't require any top-level skills. You only need to select the positions of setting lights. Then contact an electrician to complete the decoration. Either way, outdoor lighting can be done by you. These decorating works are delightful and cheerful so.


Doing outdoor lighting in the house is great fun. You can do outdoor lighting in many ways. We have shown helpful ideas for lighting those crucial parts of your home. We hope you have enjoyed those lovely ideas.

However, some essential sections of your front home need a professional lighting setup. You can hire professionals in these cases.


Here we have added the most relevant queries with proper answers. Let's see this section to clear your concept more.

How Do You Illuminate the Front of a House?

There are many ways to illuminate the front of a house. You can follow the tips we've given above or take the help of professional persons to do the process more beautifully.

Where Should I Put Lights Outside My House?

Several places are there to put lights to increase the excellent look. Such as the main door, gardening section, surroundings of the pool, main gate, and the backyard part also.

How Bright Should Outdoor Lights Be?

It depends on the position you are setting the light. An estimated range of outdoor lighting you can set is 12 to 1300 lumens.

What Color Should Outdoor Lights Be?

Use warm lights on for outdoor lighting. Furthermore, you can use natural white color lights on outdoor sections. Using such low-volume lights outside is to provide a realistic view.

How Far from Door Should Porch Light Be?

Place the porch light on each side of your main door. You need to place the porch light just 1' to 2' from the door and above your shoulder level. That way, the eyes will not receive any inadequate illumination.

What Type of Outdoor Lighting is Best?

Dusk-to-dawn lights are considered the most suitable for outdoor lighting. Furthermore, you can use LED Lawn lamps as pathway and gardening light.

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