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7 Amazing Concepts for Outdoor Lighting That You Can Use in Your Yard

Does your yard look dull & boring? You can rejuvenate your backyard space with proper outdoor lighting. And, there's no confusion that lights impact your mood and environment.

This blog comes with some amazing outdoor lighting ideas to enhance the look. You can easily transform your dull front or backyard into a beautiful one by following these concepts.

Let's get started.

7 Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Transform Your Boring Backyard Corner

There are tons of ways to turn your backyard into a beautiful one. However, all of them are not easy and cost-efficient.

Here's a list of 7 creative outdoor lighting ideas that you can try—with a little money!

1. Safety Lighting

Safety Lighting

Some people call safety lighting "security lighting." These lights are used to scare burglars or dangerous animals and illuminate a spacious area. The standard voltage of these lights is 120 volt. So, whether it's a walkaway or backyard entrance, you can install the safety lights at a high spot.

These come mostly as motion-sensing lights. Therefore, people take around 2 to 3 lights and place them on the external top walls. In case there are any types of motion, these lights can easily detect them.

Sometimes, burglars try to break into your area, and you need alerts. These expose the light in such situations, and the burglars would get fooled and leave. Besides giving you safety, the light will beautify the area removing the darkness from your yard.

You can find many sensor lights on 99fab.com at the lowest price. These lights are very powerful that can brighten up your landscapes while detecting motion from feet away.

2. Track Lighting

Track Lighting

Track lightings are very bright. You may also call them "decorative lighting." You can use these lights for navigating and safely walking around your landscapes. Additionally, these would highlight your tracks.

These are placed on the sides of walkaways in the backyard in most cases. It will be best to install in areas you want to contour the space, such as stepping stones, fountains, etc.

Track lightings are solar LED lights and hold low voltage with 12 to 15 voltages. However, you can surely stay tension-free as they will provide proper lighting even with low voltage. As they are solar lights, there's no extra charge of electricity cost as they would get charged from the sunlight.

You can search for solar lights on 99fab.com. These lights tend to be water-resistant and very easy to use. Also, they come with an additional feature of warm lights.

3. Strip Lighting

Strip Lighting

Strip lighting is also known as "string lighting." You can use them for entertainment purposes as they give off a soft and warm ambiance. Additionally, these are very low voltage lights.

Whether you want to brighten your kitchen area or backyard space, these would be a perfect choice. So, you can use this lighting to illuminate the space.

You can find outdoor strip lights that are rechargeable, solar lights, and waterproof. Also, these tend to be very long-lasting. Most of these lights require no electrical cords, so they are safe even in rainy weather.

Now, you can bring a pop of retro vibe to your space by using strip lights from 99fab.com. You can easily brighten up your space with the long length. Along with durability, you will stay safe in rainy seasons.

4. Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

With moderate and low voltage lighting, you can safely use outdoor lighting in your yards. These can improve your small areas where light can rarely reach. So, you can mount them on the vertical areas.

You can also add them to your interior space, like stairways, seating space, and low-lying areas. If there's less space on your exterior walls, you can choose semi-mount sconces. Further, these require narrow spaces on the walls. On the other hand, you can use wall sconces for spaces that have open bottoms.

Check out our wide range of outdoork lighting on 99feb.com.

5. Lamp Lighting

Lamp Lighting

For detailing and decorations, you can use lamp lighting. You may also call it "lantern lighting." These are used for small areas as they're soft and low voltage lighting. Also, you may use this lighting in your backyards, such as arch, wreath tops, or transom windows.

Plus, such lights are flush mounts that include metal and glass exteriors. So these can be attached to the wall through an arm and plate. Although most of these lights are battery-powered, they bring the same visual as other illuminating lights. So whether you're in a hangout with friends or family, you can reach for lamp lighting over your snacks, board games, beverages, etc.

So want to get one? Find exclusive lamp lighting collections on 99feb.com

6. Deck Lighting

Deck Lighting

Deck lighting comes with standard voltage if you need moderate to high lighting. You may use this lighting to help your friends and family move around the deck when it's dark. It will stop you from tripping. Therefore, these lights are handy for your garden area as well.

It would be best to place them serially like LED lights on the surfaces, making the pathways safer for you. Another way to use this lighting is the stairways or stair railings. Such places will get an instant glow with decorative lighting.

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7. Up Lighting

Up Lighting

Up lighting is also known as "spot lighting." These are standard voltage lights, making a narrow space brighter. This type of lighting showcases decorative pieces or plants with medium to high intensity. Also, you may use up lighting under lawn decorations or tall trees to bring them under the spotlight.

Spotlighting is mainly bullet-shaped. That's the main purpose of lighting taller things like a tree. So, being worry-free, you can simply add them to the ground. Also, this has an adjustable top that stays still on the ground, providing light for a long distance. As the light is adjustable, you can also place them according to your angle.

If you want a light for short distances, you can also work well with this lighting. You can securely place them on the ground facing them upwards as they're round. With the little lighting, they can spot your garden features attractively.

Can You Use Outdoor Light Fixtures Indoors?

Yes, you can use outdoor light fixtures indoors. As these lights can withstand different weather conditions, indoor lights can't encounter the same situation. Other than this, their criteria are the same as outdoor lighting.

However, it would be best to avoid using indoor lights outdoors. Most indoor lights aren't durable though they hold a similar voltage. So, you can use indoor lighting in front of the house door, making the space more stylish.

Things to Consider While Choosing Outdoor Lighting

Keep the below things in mind while choosing outdoor lighting for your house.


First, you should outline the number of outdoor lights you need to install. Installing a light might require a helping hand, which might cost you. On the other hand, you need to change or maintain the lighting. So choose one that suits your budget.

For example, solar lights are a great addition to your outdoor and require no electrical connection. Thus they are cost-efficient and require less maintenance. However, installing solar lights is tricky, as you need to ensure direct sunlight on the solar panel to charge it.


The lights that you choose should cope with your location's weather. For example, in the rainy season, you'll need water-resistant lights. Also, plastic coatings can fade in extreme heat and crack in extremely cold weather. Therefore, you can choose stainless steel to withstand humidity and temperature variations.


When you choose decorative lighting, they will enhance your backyard. On the other hand, if you want to install a light that meets security purposes, you can overlook the look. Therefore, you should decide on lighting based on your preference and purpose of use.

Final Verdict

Outdoor lighting can be a great way to make your house even more beautiful and secure. As you've read the blog, now, you can spend the best summers with these perfect outdoor lighting ideas. So, create a great ambiance by choosing the proper lighting for your backyard.

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