20 Pillow Cover Ideas for Stylish Pillowcase Designs

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you rest your back on a sofa or bed? My pillows do come to my mind. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Even at night, I can’t imagine sleeping without my favorite pillows. So, I decided to take on a DIY project while planning a makeover for my living and bedroom. And if you are a pillow-lover just like me, this article is just for you.

Of course, many different and beautiful styles and forms of pillow cover ideas are buzzing the internet. But, just for you, I’ve hand-picked the finest of the best designs in this article.

Let’s get started without further ado.

Mind-blowing Pillow Cover Design Ideas to Decorate Your Room:

You can choose to have the captivating pillow cover ideas with beads, tassels, fabric paints, and embroidery or neutral coloring. I am sure you have a little idea of the varieties there can be.

However, let’s move on with the trendy pillow cover ideas:

1. Custom Sequin Pillows:

Custom Sequin Pillows

One of the most searched decorative pillowcase ideas includes using sequins. The glittery effects give it a shiny look.

You can also add the letterings for different purposes. For example, if you want to gift your partner a pillowcase for upcoming Valentine’s Day, you can write- It All Began In The Road Trip or your names or graphics and frames with your photographs.

Or try out the Double-Sided Reversible Sequin Mermaid Pillow

And the most interesting fact about sequins is that you can brush your hands up and down to change the image!

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2. Custom linen Pillow:

Custom linen Pillow

Custom Linen Pillows are mostly preferred by people who love to have neutral coloring on their home décor. They are durable and stylish at the same time. And if you order online, it is possible to customize the pillow with logos, pictures, texts, and more coloring.

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3. Cat Printed Plush Toy Cushion:

Cat Printed Plush Toy Cushion

With cat print! This idea is specifically for cat lovers. The 3D cat print on the soft plush fabric makes it look and feel like a real cat. So, try a plush toy cushion for people who love a cat but cannot afford to have one.

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4. Printed Cushion Covers:

Printed Cushion Covers

Another idea for a classy yet simple cushion cover is to have a cat, happy reading, and books printed on a Linen or cotton fabric. They are good at holding colors and design and often come in bright colors that never fade.

Or you can print abstract art colors on your decorative pillow covers.

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5. Boston Terrier Cushion Pillow Case:

Boston Terrier Cushion Pillow Case

Do you have Boston terrier dogs? If yes, then this is the perfect pillow cover design for you to try. You can either add the whole pillow printed with a dog’s face or just two of them sneak-picking in a teal-colored pillow. Anything you want!

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6. Décor Throw Pillows tropical Style:

Décor Throw Pillows tropical Style

I know some people out there want to have neutral colors, geometric patterns, and animals all in their cushions. It is possible to have all the throw pillows for decorating pillowcases.

In the geometric pattern, you can have deer, bear, or even elephant in your pillows and have a tropical style in your décor. These pillows will match any bright-colored bed cover or sofa with neutral to bright colors.

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7. Lovely Simulation Persian Cat Plush:

Lovely Simulation Persian Cat Plush

Another plush pillow idea that I fell in love with from this list is the Persian cat plush. It almost looks like a real cat, and the soft cotton gives me a warm and cozy feeling whenever I hug it tightly.

You will know how it feels only when you try one.

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8. Throw Pillow with Ribbon:

Throw Pillow with Ribbon

Throw pillows are an aesthetic addition to your living or bedroom. It helps maintain a specific color accent with your rug or curtains, and you can decorate it with ribbons. Ribbons are the most elegant DIY pillowcase ideas.

You need to make a bow in the middle of the pillow or at the upper side and sew it with the cover.

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9. Embellish a Pillow Cover:

Embellish a Pillow Cover

I have told you the printing and sewing types of cover. Next, I have added the types of pillows that require embellishment in a pillow cover to make it look attractive.

And the first idea is to add crocheting. If you are a pro at it already, you can try making the whole pillow cover by crocheting. For beginners, try to at least add a lining around the borders of the pillow.

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10.   Lace:


Crocheting seems more complex to you? Then it would be better for you to try to work with lace.

Pillow covers with lace impose a different type of elegancy and softness in the room. And the best part? You can make a cover all by yourself. You need to make the pillow over at first with your favorite colored fabric and contrast it with the lace.

Many people add the lace in the middle of the pillow with gallon lace. Others like to keep it on the edges only while having some floral design on one side.

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11. Ruffles:


Ruffles are waves with the same or other fabric contrast with the pillow cover you are making. Mostly the design is considered girly. So, it would be better if you had the pillows for your daughters’ room.

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12. Neutral Pillows:

Neutral Pillows

Neutral-colored pillows are the favorite for those who don’t like bright and colorful indoor décor. Ivory, gray, taupe, beige, and white are the most common colors when you want to work with neutral colors. You can also add ruffles or lace with the pillow covers if you want.

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13. Pillow Cover without a Zipper:

Pillow Cover without a Zipper

If you are looking for DIY pillow design ideas without zippers, you can try the folding sewing method. It is commonly known as envelop pillow.

In this design, you don’t need to add a zipper, as you will tuck in the lower part of the cover into the upper lid-like part. It’s convenient as there is no need to replace the zipper when it malfunctions.

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14. Patterns:


Instead of going for the floral designs, you can try to do something new. Patterns are designs that never go wrong. It will look unique, and lining up the patterned pillows will give your décor more dimensions.

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15. Silk pillowcases:

Silk pillowcases

Do you have a silk shirt or dress that you don’t wear anymore? Wait! Don’t throw that away because you will make a pillow cover out of the silk cloth.

Pillows with silk covers are better for your hair as it causes less friction. So, cut, sew, and design with lace. And you got to recycle the precious silk.

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16. French Seam Pillowcase:

French Seam Pillowcase

Check out the French Seam Pillowcase if you wonder what pillow cover you should make for your bed. You will need to sew the edges twice to encase the raw edges in this design. The edges will then tuck into the seam and look neat as the sides of the pillow will not show.

In most cases, there is a border at one side of the design, and a different color/ design is added there. The side design pattern gives it a clean and elegant look.

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17. European Pillowcase:

European Pillowcase

The European Pillowcase refers to the perfect square design. In the USA, the pillows are mostly found in rectangular shapes, whereas the cushion I am talking about is straight (16 x 16)cm2 in size. Basic designs with solid coloring are the best fit when choosing European Pillows.

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18. Fancy Pillow Covers:

Fancy Pillow Covers

The fancy pillow covers are usually made with velvet, silk, or linen fabrics. Since these fabrics are delicate and sensitive, handcrafted embroidery, texture, marble print, and black-gold/ silver linings will make it look fancy.

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19. Vintage Pillow Covers:

Vintage Pillow Covers

Remember how your grandma used to sew her pillow? Why don’t you bring that back again? The opposite of luxury and fancy designer pillow is the vintage design.

Floral, postcard print, roses, birds, or patterns in rustic off-white colors green, mustard, yellow, and different light blue, pink, and brown shades should be at the top of your color palette for the retro style.

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20. Boho cushion covers:

Boho cushion covers

And last, but not least on my list are the Boho or Bohemian throw pillow covers. If sewing and designing interests you like me and you have lots of time to work on the cover, pick the Boho patterns passionately.

Patterns, mandala, and simple decorative floral designs with black wool thread over white, ivory, cream, beige, vanilla, or flax-colored cotton are enough to give your home cozy feelings.

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Now that you know how to make personalized pillowcases, it will be easier for you to decide what designs you choose.

Keep in mind the purpose of the pillow to choose colors. If it is just for decoration, go with the light colors. And pick the bright ones when you use them to sleep or support your back while sitting on the sofa.

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