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Top 10 High Quality Ceramic Knobs for Your Home

You have built your dream house, and now it's time to design the interiors. And to add more charm on your entrance, e.g., doors, gorgeous knobs can be a great solution. What can be best than using ceramic knobs on the cabinet, dresser, cupboard, and other doors!

Ceramic knobs provide a classy, aesthetic, and elegant outlook to the cabinet doors in our home. You will find several ceramic knobs in the market. Here are the top 10 high-quality ceramic knobs you can get for your home today.

1. Vintage Black and White Floral Ceramic Knobs

Set of 12 Vintage Black and White Floral Ceramic Knobs

The first ceramic knob on our list is the vintage black and white floral one. These are some beautiful handmade ceramic cabinet knobs that you will find on the market. The knobs are perfect for redesigning your house and rooms with a great vintage touch.

These ceramic knobs are dark navy or black, and you will get a midnight vibe from the knobs. The ceramic glazing on the outside gives them the quality with timelessness. And you can use them for dressers, drawers, and cabinets. In our opinion, this can be one of the freshest vintage ceramic drawer knobs on the list.

These knobs have a 1.5" diameter with a 1.5" bolt at the end to drill in their places. There is also a reversible metal backplate, and the order comes with 2 washers and 2 nuts.


The vintage black and white floral ceramic knobs come with a 12-set order. This will cost you $84.99, with free shipping on the website.

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2. 1.5" x 1.5" x 1.5" Ceramic/Metal Multicolor 12 Pack Knob

1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 CeramicMetal Multicolor 12 Pack Knob

Next on the list is the multicolor ceramic and metal-mixed knob. The multicolor knob has a floral design with bright colors that can catch anyone's attention. They provide a traditional touch as ceramic knobs for cabinets.

These multicolor hand-painted ceramic knobs will add a refreshing touch to the doors, cabinets, cupboards, or drawers. And a good thing about them is that they do not have any nuts or bolts. Thus, you can easily install them in their places.


This multicolor and floral ceramic/metal knob comes in a 12-set pack. You will have to spend as much as $60.52. And the shipment to your address is completely free of cost.

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3. Bohemian Floral Turquoise Handprinted Ceramic Knobs

Bohemian Floral Turquoise Handprinted Ceramic Knobs

If you are looking for antique ceramic doorknobs, this is the pick. The bohemian floral turquoise can add charm and flair to your house. They are also hand-painted like the previous one on the list.

If you want ceramic dresser knobs, these knobs are perfect for that purpose as well. They will serve your dresser an antique and classy look. Thus, using these knobs in the bedrooms or guest rooms is a much better option.

Along with this, you can use these knobs on cabinets, cupboards, and other places. These knobs come in 1.5" x1.5" x1.5" dimensions.


You can usually get the 8-set pack on the website. This will cost you around $83.99 with free shipping for all customers.

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4. Ceramic Metal Black Knobs

Ceramic Metal Black Knobs

Another cheerful and fresh ceramic doorknob on the list is the black knob. Black has always showcased class and vintage. It is one color that will never go out of the market. If you want to go plain and simple with a traditional touch, these ceramic metal black knobs are the best choice.

Other than that, these knobs also serve a multitude of purposes in the house. You can use them on the kitchen cabinets, drawers, and cupboards. Their dimension is also similar to the previous one.


You can order the 12-set pack of these ceramic metal black knobs from our website. They will cost you a total of $108.99. Free shipping is applicable here as well.

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5. Ceramic Metal Red Knobs

Ceramic Metal Red Knobs

We have another colorful vintage floral design knob similar to the previous two. These knobs have red designs that are handmade. And you will find the bohemian flair in this type of ceramic knob as well.

They can be another perfect pick for ceramic drawer knobs. You can also use them across other functionalities. As they come in the same dimension as 1.5" x1.5" x1.5", this can be a cheaper option for you than the previous black ceramic metal knob.


You can order a 12-set pack of these ceramic metal red knobs for just $93.99. Order today and get free shipping on this as well.

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6. Ceramic Metal Ruby Red Knobs

Ceramic Metal Ruby Red Knobs

Another same category of ceramic knobs is the metal ruby red one. You can easily guess why this knob makes our list by reading the color and conceptions. The ruby design that brings out the blue and white vibe can be your pick if you are looking for ceramic doorknobs for kitchen cabinets.

Along with that, you can surely use these knobs on dressers and cabinets. They come in the same size as the previous one.


The price of this type of ceramic knob is similar to the previous one. A 12-set pack will cost you $93.99, and there is free shipping as well.

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7. Wood and Metal Hooks with Ceramic Knobs

Wood and Metal Hooks with Ceramic Knobs

This Wood and Metal Hooks with Ceramic Knobs can add functionality and farmhouse style to any room in your house. The primary piece comprises a rectangular piece of wood with a warm brown color on top. The hardwood backdrop has four metal clips attached to it.

The metal hooks are curved and black in color. All the ceramic knobs attached to it are white. Thus, you get a plain, simple, and unique design with this knob. They might be best suited for laundry rooms, dressing rooms, or bathrooms because of their unique construction. Their height is 7.5 inches, width is 21 inches, and 1-inch in depth.


These are one of the most expensive knobs on our list. You will have to spend about $121.99 for one quantity. The good thing is that free shipping is available for this.

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8. Ceramic Metal Multicolor Knobs

Ceramic Metal Multicolor Knobs

Back to the common design, we have multicolor and floral design ceramic knobs on the list. They are quite similar to some of the previous ones on the list. But the design is different in terms of color and outlook.

As the name suggests, these knobs are multicolor. This means that you will get a combination of blue, white, yellow, and shade of black with these knobs. As a result, they can be a bit costlier than the other similar ones.


For a 12-set pack, you will have to spend about $108.99 on each order. Free delivery is also available for this product.

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9. Ceramic Metal Yellow and Green Knobs

Ceramic Metal Yellow and Green Knobs

Another color combination on the 1.5" x1.5" x1.5" ceramic knobs are yellow and green. Like the others, these knobs are hand-painted with traditional flair. You will get the bright yellow and green color combination with these knobs.

As a result, they can be greatly suited as ceramic kitchen cabinet knobs. Another distinctive feature of the knobs is that they are not round in shape. Their unique design itself showcases a flowery outlook.


These knobs can be a bit expensive as well. You will have to spend about $108.99 for a 12-set pack. Free delivery is also available.

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10. Glossy Pink Silver and Red Knobs

Glossy Pink Silver and Red Knobs

Finally, if you are looking for an inspiring outlook for your cabinet doors, we have the pink, silver, and red ceramic knobs. These ceramic knobs are glossier than any other ones on the list.

Also, they are elegant, artistic, and bright. Hence, you will get the classical visual vibe in the room with these knobs. And finally, they also come with adjustable bolts.


Despite their uniqueness, these knobs can be relatively cheaper. You will need to spend around $83.99 for an 8-set pack. There is free shipping available too.

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Finding suitable and amazing ceramic knobs is easy. But choosing the best-suited ones for your home is the challenging part. With the top 10 high-quality ceramic knobs listed here, you can find the perfect match for your house interior according to your preference.


How Do You Tighten Ceramic Knobs?

Loose ceramic knobs are quite a common thing. If you want to tighten them, you can use a screwdriver and reattach the bolt from inside the cabinet/drawer.

How Do You Use Ceramic Knobs?

Ceramic knobs are multipurpose in terms of their function. You can use them across different cabinets, dressers, and cupboard doors in your home.

How Do You Decide on Pulls or Knobs?

There is no exact rule on ceramic cabinet knobs and pulls for your home. But the best practice is to use pulls for cabinet doors and knobs for drawers.

Where Should Kitchen Cabinet Knobs Be Placed?

Usually, you can place kitchen cabinet knobs opposite the door hinges.

Should Cabinet Pulls Be Vertical or Horizontal?

Cabinet pulls should always be horizontal.

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