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Why Do Women Wear High Heels?

High heels – quite uncomfortable footwear, right? But despite that, why do women wear high heels? Actually, the answer is very simple. A woman wears heels to be in her best form!

Simple shoes can’t make heads turn and grab all the attention towards you. No doubt, a gorgeous pair of heels has that kind of power. And that’s why no matter how you feel about them, you will wear them anyways.

So, let’s dive into the details of the world of the heel. First, let me tell you a brief history, and then we will see why women love this fashionable item so much in detail.

History of High Heels

Can you believe people were really wearing high heels from the middle ages in Europe! That too, both men and women! It was a symbol of social status for them. At that time, higher heels represented high social status.

On the other hand, Persian warriors wore spiky high heels on horseback for centuries. The heel let the warrior stand up in the stirrups and shoot arrows more efficiently.

Basically, European have got the idea of the high heel from the Persians. After the visitation of a Persian diplomat in 1599, European aristocrats started to wear heels to show their class and masculinity. Sounds funny, right? Well, sometimes history seems quite hilarious.

Why Do Girls Wear Heels?

It’s time to see the reasons for today’s girls wearing high heels. Have a look below.

Heels Make a Woman More Attractive

Many experiments show people find women wearing heels more attractive than women who wear flat shoes. It’s because heels exaggerate the woman’s curve. A normal shoe can’t add so much detail to a body. And no wonder why men find them more appealing!

Reveal the Feminine Side

High heels give a woman a more feminine gait. It increases the rotation & tilt and makes their stride shorter. This exaggeration makes women more desirable.

Interestingly, research shows that people sometimes mistake a woman wearing a flat sandal for a man in a dark place. But even in the shortage of light, they never make mistakes to identify a woman wearing heels!

Wear as a Dress Code

Some offices, especially those dealing with customer support, require women to wear high heels in the office. As heels make a woman seems more professional and, at the same time, attractive, they need their female employee to be in their best form.

However, sometimes it objectifies women, and a few years back, a movement happened because of this. After all, everyone should have the right to wear something they are comfortable with. Creating pressure here is not a good practice.

To Follow the Popular Culture

One of the purposes of high heels for women is to embrace a more fashionable look while attending a glamourous party.

From popular lifestyle magazines to dazzling red carpet shows, high heels are everywhere! So, girls who want to follow their favorite celebrity and show their charismatic side wear these trendy shoes on special occasions or regular events.

Heels Make Women More Persuasive

Want to pursue your partner or even a random passer-by? Just wear your bold heels, girl! The man around you can not help but gives their full attention to you.

Studies even show business pitches or dealing with customers become more successful while the women in charge wear heels.

And why not? No doubt, a confident woman can go further and beyond. So, if wearing heels boosts a woman’s self-confidence, she obviously becomes successful and reaches her goal.

They Represent Power

It’s true that the first woman put on high heels not to show her feminine side, but she was brave enough to take sartorial risks and copy men.

As mentioned earlier, history tells us that heels were men’s wear and even to show their masculinity. And letter on, both women and men wear heels to add height to set themselves above in the social class.

Although heels don’t have anything with the aristocracy in the modern world, the power still lies in this wearable.

So ask a lady what do high heels do? The definite answer you will get is it makes them more powerful.

They are Instant Confident Booster

For girls who want to look longer than their usual height, heels work like magic! Just imagine how satisfying it is to get the perfect height like your office crush and get his attention!

Of course, we like ourselves the way we are. But sometimes, to get an even playing field, a little bit of extra height is all we need.

Why Should Women Not Wear High Heels Too Often?

So many reasons to fall in love with heels, aren’t there? However, wearing these all the time is not a good practice though. High-heeled shoes create adverse effects on the body. From spine to feet, they can create permanent fetal damage.

See some of the consequences may include:

Creates Harmful Effect on Feet

Wearing heels forces your feet to slide down and forward, putting extreme pressure on your toes. This can cause tendon damage, nerve damage, ingrown toenails, etc.

Not Good for Spine Health

As your full weight is put into the front part of your feet, your body will naturally tilt forward. This slightly off-balance posture strains hips and knees and creates extreme tension in the spine. Eventually, this compressed pressure leads to back pain and sciatica.

Chronic Pain in the Entire Lower Body

When you wear heels regularly, your body adopts this unusual position. As a result, the muscles of your lower back will tighten and create pain. And not only that! When your Achilles tendon has become used to wearing heels, you might find it painful to flatten your foot.

Ways to Maintain Both Health and Style

High-heeled shoes surely have some downsides that you should not overlook. But is that mean you have to give up this fabulous & stylish fashion accessory? Well, there are ways that you can maintain both.

Let’s check them out.

  • Save your favorite heels only for special events.
  • Don’t wear them when you have to walk or stand for a long time.
  • If you wear heels because of the jobs, try to mix them up with regular shoes – it helps you balance.
  • Try to wear lower heels if you don’t have any other option but to wear heels for a long period.
  • Wider heels are also an excellent option to avoid discomfort.

Final Words

By reading this article so far, you definitely know why women wear high heels. This luxurious, attention-grabbing beauty enhancer is something that a lady simply can’t ignore.

Although it’s not comfortable and it’s so much painful at first, when it’s about fashion, stunning footwear is something that everyone needs.

So what are you wearing today?

FAQ: Why Do Women Wear High Heels?

Here are a few answers to popular questions that will strengthen your idea.

Why are High Heels So Popular Among Women?

High heels are so popular because of their appealing characteristics. It adds more details to a women’s feature and makes them sassier! So ladies wear high heels to feel more confident and powerful.

What Does It Mean If a Girl Wears Heels?

When a girl wears heels, she enjoys the extra confidence that her outfit gives. She wants to look more appealing or more polished & professional. It also relevels the sensible fashion mind of a woman.

What Is the Point of High Heels?

High heels make you look taller and your curve more appealing so that when you walk, you can grab everyone’s attention! So, when you want to be the center of attraction and feel more confident about yourself, the high heel is the option you should go for!

Should Tall Girls Wear Heel?

Anyone can wear heels unless they feel discomfort in them. Women, no matter whether they are tall or short, should wear high heels if they find them attractive and the source of their confidence. After all, fashion is also about your comfort.

Why Are High Heels a Turn On?

Many women wear high heels to show their positivity towards their partner, and maybe they want to make some progress with the relationship. However, don’t think of it as a green signal always! Some women might wear heels only because they feel more comfortable & confident in them. And choose to wear heels to reveal their fashionable personality.

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