How to Walk without Creasing Shoes [Tips & Tricks]

While walking, bending the toes too much is not essential. Yet many of us do this, which leads to creasing on the shoes. It goes without saying how exasperating this kind of creasing on shoes is. So, how to walk without creasing shoes?

The only sure way to keep shoes from creasing when walking is not to wear them. But it is not feasible because shoes are an indispensable necessity. At the same time, you want to keep your shoes crisp, look new, and perfectly usable.

Unfortunately, it is evident that your shoes will get creased sooner or later. But luckily there are also many things you can do to deal with it. You can help your beloved shoes last for longer with a bit of loving care.

This article will tell you what causes shoes to crease so you can be careful further. Also, it coves some valuable tips, suggestions, and guidelines on how to minimize creasing shoes.

What Causes Crease Shoes While Walking?

Shoes are designed to bend while walking so that feet are flexible inside. Hence, the upper material of the shoes must be compressed to allow this bending. Creasing occurs when the shoe straightens and returns to its shape due to the elasticity of the upper material.

There are different materials used on the shoes like leather, synthetics of varying fabric, stiffness, engineered mesh, etc.

The upper materials, though, are varied every season. Leather is the most popular among all. But, mesh and fabric are more flexible than leather. No matter what the upper material is, creasing on shoes is inevitable.

Therefore, rather than searching to stop shoes from squeaking when walking, you should better understand why it happens. Creasing occurs when the upper material is bent to adjust the different pressures of your shoe while walking.

Walking creates a constantly changing angle in the metatarsal joints where your toes meet the main foot. Shoes are made to bend at that point to let your foot do its job. But while flexing, the upper material is compressed.

Meanwhile, your shoes crease up just like cardboard is flexed to form a box. Most of these creases remain when the shoes return to their unbent condition. Mesh and fabric have more elasticity than leather. So creasing occurs less often in those.

Where Does Creasing in Shoes Occur?

Creasing on the shoes occurs when the upper materials are weakest. Sometimes, the design and a slight imperfection in the materials could be the reason. But in general, it happens in areas where the shoe bends to allow your foot to flex.

However, shoes from the different manufacturers may crease in other locations due to different manufacturing processes. It determines how long shoes last for walking.

How to Minimize Creasing in Shoes?

Though creasing is inevitable, there are many things you can do to prevent it. Following this, you can keep your shoes in top shape for a lifetime.

Let's find some of the ways to prevent it.

Buy the Best Shoes of the Right Size

    Beware from the very beginning. Never buy a pair that doesn't fit you. Also, make sure to pick a perfect walking shoe from the best brands. No matter how much you love the design, make sure it fits your size.

    For that, you need to know how tight should walking shoes be. People often buy the wrong size, which causes creases in the shoes. As you know, creasing originates at the toe-box and gradually goes all the way to the end.

    If there is more space between the shoe and your foot, the leather will bend. So make sure the pair of shoes you pick don't have unnecessary space. A little space in the toe-box is good enough.

    However, you can consider these Zuodi 101 Walking Comfortable Men's Shoes. These shoes come in various sizes with the best design and build quality. You can easily find shoes of your size to avoid creasing.

    The upper material of these shoes is Air Mesh which has an excellent elasticity. Also, these make shoes more comfortable for walking. Above all, these high-quality sneakers come in mixed colors. So you should replace walking shoes with these shoes.

    Use Shoe Horn to Minimize Heel Creasing

      Always choose a pair with a good heel counter. Even you can choose walking shoes with a rigid plastic heel counter. These Zuodi 101 has an ergonomic, rigid plastic heel counter. So they are less likely to crease on the heel.

      Check our New High Heel Collection

      However, the best practice is to use a shoehorn while putting on the shoes. The shoehorn will prevent the crushing of the shoe heel. Also, it will extend the life of your shoes. A shoehorn is inexpensive, but it'll save you a lot of money in return.

      Wear the Shoes in Dry Condition

        Before starting regular use, try to wear the pair of shoes in dry condition. It is an effective way to stop shoes squeaking when you walk. This practice is most suitable for pure leather-made shoes.

        The matter is that try to wear shoes without letting them get dried before they break in nicely. Note that it is not advisable to soak or toss your shoes in the bathtub.

        The crease will appear if the water gets drenched inside the shoe during the break-in periods. It will happen mainly in the toe-box. Even after this happens, make sure the shoes never get wet again as they fade the leather.

        Use a Shoe-Tree

          Using a shoe tree is the best thing to prevent the shoes from creasing. Keep a shoe tree inside the shoes when you are not wearing them. It holds the shoes in shape and helps them to remain crease-free.

          Use Force Fields or Rolled up Socks

            Force fields are the paddings used inside the shoes. This comes when you buy a new pair of shoes. They hold the shoes in place and prevent them from creasing. Moreover, they offer great support to the leather shoes.

            You can also use rolled-up socks instead of force fields. When you store the shoes or pack them for your next travel, keep your extra socks rolled inside the shoes. These rolled socks will help the shoes to maintain their shape.

            Final Words

            So that's how to walk without creasing shoes. Indeed, keeping your shoe crease-free might be as challenging as keeping hair free from dandruff. After all, there is no sure-fire way to get rid of creasing forever.

            Creasing would happen naturally, but you can minimize it to some extent by following our suggested ways. Above all, we suggest you buy Zuodi 101 so that you do not have to worry about creasing.

            Frequently Answered Questions

            1. How Do I Stop My Shoes From Creasing When I Walk?

            We've already discussed a few ways to stop shoes squeaking when you walk. Let's summarize them with bonus tips;

            • Pick the right size
            • Use shoe horns
            • Wear shoes in dry conditions
            • Use shoe-tree and force-field or rolled socks
            • Walk properly
            • Avoid repetition
            • Stop a puppy from biting shoes when walking

            2. Where Should Cap Toe Shoes Crease?

            Basically, a shoe should crease on the top of the vamp. There are misconceptions that creases on the cap toe shoes mean something is wrong. Also, they think the shoes are badly-made and don't fit well. But in reality, it's normal.

            3. Are You Supposed to Wear Crease Protectors While Walking?

            Shoe crease protectors are designed to reduce crease on the shoes. They work very well. When you insert them inside the shoes, they provide a semi-rigid flat surface to the upper material. But of course, it will not make your shoes totally crease-free.

            4. Are Crease Shields Worth It?

            In the sneakers, crease shields work great. Crease shields alleviate and add structure to the front of the shoes. On top of that, they are simple to use and super affordable.

            5. Why Do My Shoes Crease?

            As a natural walking process, your foot bends while you walk, and it causes a crease. Also, sometimes the quality of the upper material causes the shoes to crease.

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