What is a Man Bag? And Why You Should Own Them

In the modern man's style arsenal, a man bag is becoming more and more essential. Before these bags had a cool name, men were seen carrying man bags in various forms.

Noticeably, these bags have recently gained popularity. So, kudos to the other guys for recognizing that carrying a bag is much more comfortable and convenient rather than just using your pant pockets.

Now, it's not appropriate to refer to every bag as a man bag. Let's discuss what is a man bag. Also, find reasons why you should consider purchasing a man bag.

What is a Man Bag?

A man bag is designed to hold all of your daily necessities. That does not include items that are larger and heavier, such as your computer. I'd call it a computer bag once it's big enough to fit a laptop inside. I will be talking about this more in a while.

Anyway, man bags come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small to slightly larger. Considering different kinds of situations and fashion, there are various levels of man-bag dressiness depending on situations and the fashion.

For example, you will find some bags that are made of pristine leather and look fantastic. You can even put them on when you're getting dressed up. Then there are some man bags that are a little more casual and fun if you're going out in a rough and tumble manner.

In my opinion, it's more of a super cool accessory. Furthermore, the weight of the items is no longer in your pockets. It's said that once you start wearing it, you'll wonder how you lived without it before.

All Bags are Not Man Bags: Time to Find Out

The next thing is to determine whether something is a man bag or simply a bag that a man carries. So, let's take a look at the 2 most common bag options deemed available for men.

Also, I will point out the functions of carrying each one. That way, you will identify if a man bag is a 'man bag.'

Is a backpack a man bag?

A backpack contains two shoulder straps that are used to carry large, heavy loads. The bag is both comfortable and the most ergonomically correct way to take heavy items. If you're hiking, camping, or carrying textbooks, choose this as your companion.

Is a backpack considered a man bag? No, it's just a backpack that everybody can use.

Is a briefcase a man bag?

A highly structured, formal option for carrying your belongings. You don't see many briefcases anymore because, after all, briefcases aren't very useful for taking anything other than papers and pens, right?

Let's say you have got a laptop. What will you do with it? So, you're going to reimagine the briefcase as a more modern soft-skin option with a shoulder strap. The contemporary briefcase comes in a wide range of styles and options.

So, is this a man bag, then? No. This is a contemporary briefcase that you can use at work. Put a flap on it, and you've got yourself a messenger bag. Now the question comes—is this a man bag or a woman bag? Technically, it's a computer bag with a flap.

Different Kinds of Man Bag

Despite my definition and argument that all bags are not man bags, we still use a lot of bags that men primarily use.

Let's take a look at them in terms of their functions and definitions.


A man purse is a multi-purpose bag or satchel designed for men to carry and use. It's a little bigger than a lady's purse, partly to distinguish it from a man's bag and a woman's handbag.

The bags are extremely useful, allowing men to carry a variety of essential items throughout the day without having to use a casual backpack or an overly formal briefcase. A man purse is available in a variety of styles from various designers.

A man purse, in general, has a single long strap that can be slung across the shoulder. A laptop, large books, or necessary files and papers are frequently accommodated by the larger size. For example, a messenger bag, a type of stylish man purse.

What's a man purse called?

There are several terms for a man purse. For example, people mockingly call them—murse. However, these bags are also known as man hand bags. You will find handbags for a man of various designs.

On a side note, you can check our men's bag collection and find a handbag for you.

Do man use purses?

Yes, and nowadays it is very common to see a man with bag. For example, messenger bags are commonly used by bicycle messengers and postmen. And it is one common variation on the man purse. Since messenger bags have wide openings, they can be quickly accessed, making them ideal for people on the go.

Drawstring bag

A drawstring bag, also known as a cinch-up backpack, is a small, lightweight bag with two strings that can be adjusted. To close the bag, you pull the strings, and to access the items inside, you pull the bag apart at the top.

These bags are usually not very large, making them ideal for day trips to amusement parks or the beach. Some even have front zippered pockets or mesh side pockets for water bottles as a bonus!

Although men mostly use them, a drawstring bag can be worn by anyone. On the other hand, there are some situations where having one would be extremely beneficial! Sports practices, theme park visits, college visits, libraries, gyms, hiking, beach trips, campgrounds, music festivals, Halloween events, and animal shelter visits are all common places to use these casual backpacks.


A backpack is a bag taken on the back of a person. They are also know as— rucksack, knapsack, packsack, pack, Haversack, or Bergen. It is typically worn with two straps that cross over the shoulders. It is used to transport items and frequently has numerous pockets or compartments.

Backpacks are possibly the ideal bag for nearly everyone. They are lightweight, simple, and convenient, making them ideal for daily use. A backpack will make carrying anything easier, from books and laptops to camera equipment, clothing, lunch, and gym gear.

In fact, travel experts from around the world advise using a backpack because it makes traveling easier and more enjoyable.


A wallet is a small flat bag or case in which we keep essentials such as cash, cards, and identification. They're usually small and foldable, making them ideal for carrying in a pocket. They can take in some money, credit cards, identification cards such as a driver's license and an identity card, as well as business cards and photographs. Some wallets have a dedicated coin compartment.

People frequently mix up the terms wallet and purse— not to mention that they are markedly different. Wallets are usually carried in pockets or handbags. The main distinction between a purse and a wallet is that purses are typically larger.

Smart luggage

A battery and circuit board are included in smart luggage to keep your devices charged during long trips. You can also track your luggage from afar and protect your identity. It simplifies travel by allowing you to charge your smartphones, control TSA-approved locks from your handset, weigh your bag by picking it up, and track it using proximity and GPS location.

You can check our wide variety of smart bag collections here.

Why Should You Own Them?

In my opinion, bags are like shoes because there are various options for different situations. Additionally, you cannot exist solely on the basis of sassy double monk straps or having a computer bag. In that case, a man bag is an excellent choice.

Many of us find it much more convenient to carry a man bag. So here's the deal, men carry more and more stuff, such as phones—which are also getting bigger, wallets, keys, headphones, phones, chargers, and shades.

And what if you want fresh breath? You'll also need to carry gum or mints. Furthermore, you might need an umbrella. For all this stuff, you can simply have a man bag.

These bags have the potential to save lives! How? Because I have asthma, I need to keep an inhaler with me at all times. Plus, if I put it in my pants pocket, it will appear to be something else. Not only do I have my inhaler with me, but I also have other items that I need daily.

So, how do you handle it? In fact, we need to consider— how will you carry your daily essentials with style and class? It is, indeed, a man bag.

Final Thoughts

Back in the day, of course, men with anything resembling a handbag were the butt of jokes. However, times have changed. So, you can look for something modern and clean, such as a man bag, instead of the traditional square hard-shelled briefcase or some other bag.

And if you're thinking about purchasing a man bag—go ahead! Because you can be stylish in the meantime, make your life easy by carrying a man bag.

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