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How to Manually Recline an Electric Recliner?

Electric recliners are practical since they allow you to sit comfortably without putting any effort. They also provide additional comfort by allowing you to adjust the backrest. However, these seats can break down at any time.

If you want to discover the process of manually reclining an electric one, read through the following.

Can You Use an Electric Recliner without Power?

Power/Electric recliners use electricity, as the name suggests. An attached controller moves the seat's adjustable components using it's motor (single or dual). As a result, achieving the proper relaxed posture is as simple as pressing a button.

Recliners with multiple motors offer more versatility. Both the footrest and the backrest can be moved individually. It'll be much easier to find a comfortable seated position this way.

Some power recliners have a backup battery in case of a power loss. As a result, they allow the user to return the recliner to its original position without electricity usage.

Can You Manually Recline a Power/Electric Recliner?

Power recliners provide for accurate movement because they have remote controls and motors. As a result, you may easily acquire a soothing position. With motorized recliners, everyone may get their ideal incline without much effort.

While some power recliners come with batteries, most must be placed near an outlet. On the other hand, manual recliners can be placed anywhere because they do not require electricity.

Thus it's impossible to recline a powered version manually. The motor is responsible for all labor and requires power or batteries to operate.

Electricity is used to electric power recliners. They have a motor (dual or single) that controls the adjustable elements and reclines the chair to your preferred position. The chair may be operated with the help of the attached remote control.

A backup battery is also included with power recliners. The battery conducts the seat's movement to and from the original position in the event of a power outage. Therefore, this sort of chair cannot be used manually because the motor, by design, performs and regulates all of the movement.

How to Manually Recline?

To begin with, if a power recliner has backup batteries, it can operate without electricity. However, a power recliner cannot be reclined manually. Unplugging, lubricating, and examining the mechanism of an electric recliner that won't recline will fix it.

Your power can be unreliable at times. Electric recliners don't work without electricity, whether it's due to dead batteries or a power outage.

That isn't to suggest you can't appreciate their comfort when they stop working well. So, what's the way out?

Consult the product manual before manually moving your motorized recliner. Recliners work in a variety of ways, and model-specific guidelines may be included in manual overrides.

Listed below are a few suggestions that anyone can use.

Fixing an Electric Recliner

If the electric recliner doesn't work properly, you'll need to troubleshoot first. Finding the source of the problem is the first step in resolving it.

  • Unplugging: Unplugging and plugging the recliner may help the mechanisms 'reboot.'
  • Checking for impediments: Sometimes, the problem is as simple as a foreign object lodged in your chair's mechanism. Check for missing, lodged, or broken cabling by dismantling the recliner.
  • Lubrication: Over time, gears can become stiff. After studying the handbook and attempting the methods above, you may decide to disassemble the chair and grease any stuck or difficult areas.

The make of your power recliner will determine whether it needs to be plugged in—some need to be plugged in, while others do not. Your recliner needs to be placed near a power outlet if it merely has a cord. A battery-operated recliner, on the other hand, can give reclining capabilities.

To summarize, your motorized recliner may have a manual override. If you're unsure, examine the handbook; forcing your furniture to recline when it doesn't enable manual reclining could cause it to break, so it's better to be safe than sorry.

Keep in mind that electric recliners have a lot of moving parts. The easiest approach to avoid mechanical troubles is to understand how your chair works.

Common Issues with Power Recliners

Following is a list of common problems faced by power recliners:

  • Recliner doesn't open/close
  • Doesn't function when open
  • Makes noises while reclining and/or doesn't move as it should
  • Loud noises

Fixing and Troubleshooting Electric Recliners

Taking note of the recliner's position is one technique to service your electric reclining chair.

If your recliner isn't operating while it's open, it could be malfunctioning electrical components. Make sure it's still plugged in. There might be a faulty connection in the recliner if this is the case. Check that all of the cables are still connected and that any that are loose are attached.

If the recline has stopped abruptly without any apparent issues in the middle of its movement, the mechanism has most likely cut a wire. You can easily fix this by splicing the severed wires together and covering them with electrical tape to solve this.

Resetting your recliner is a smart first step if you're not sure what's wrong. A reset button is located between the close and open buttons.

By inserting a paperclip through the hole, you can reset the device. The recliner will be restarted as a result of this action. Unplug your chair for 2-3 minutes. Then plug it back in if you can't get to the hole.

Closing Remarks

Any home would benefit from having electric recliners. They provide comfort, convenience, and simplicity of use.

However, like anything else, they have their own distinct set of issues. With the simple methods above, I hope this article has shown you how you can fix and manually recline your electric recliner.


Can you manually move an electric recliner?

It is possible to move an electric recliner manually. You can use professional services or do it yourself if you have the appropriate resources.

How do I reset my electric recliner?

There is a reset button between the close and open buttons in recliners. If you insert a thin paperclip and push that, the recliner will reset.

How do you bypass a power recliner?

You can bypass your power recliner using most repair services available on the market. To do it yourself, you would need first to disconnect both the power cable and the battery. Afterward, it's a simple matter of connecting each power source to their sockets instead of their own.

How do you fix a manual recliner?

You can easily fix manual recliners at home using nothing more than a ratchet and socket. In most cases, the levers cause all the issues with the manual recliners. You can get professional help for these repairs.

How do you test a power recliner motor?

First, to test a power recliner motor, disconnect it from the lever mechanism. Afterward, you can either take the motor out of the recliner and test it separately as you would any other electric motor. Or you can keep it mounted on the recliner and use small electric motor testing equipment to evaluate the condition of your recliner motor.

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