99FAB LED flame effect light bulb

Our perception towards fire has always changed with time. Since its invention, it is always branded as a friend and sometimes as a foe too.

In the earlier time, the fire was used to guide and light the way but with time we came to use fire not only as our guiding light but also as an element to create as well as to destroy things.

In today's time, in the Era of electric bulbs, fire is used only to burn and rather a few times to light. But we're here to change this common notion with our LED Flame Effect Light Bulb. This defines the beauty of combining man-produced electricity with natural fire. We've used the most important and the greatest invention of the mankind and created the impressive eco-friendly light bulb.

99FAB® LED Flame Effect Flickering Fire Light Bulb with Gravity Sensor

This LED flicker bulb is a great piece of item to attain a warm and cozy aura at any place. This bulb burns without actually burning.

This LED flame effect bulb not only lights the places it is used at but also enhances the decor of the place. This unique and unusual piece of LED flicker bulb provides a different and unfamiliar atmosphere.

Create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere for yourself, free of stress, after a long tiring day. Also, this bulb is an energy saver. It is efficient to use and won't burn a hole in your pocket, it's artificial fire is just to light its surrounding.

99FAB® LED Flame Effect Flickering Fire Light Bulb with Gravity Sensor

Also, this LED flicker bulb comes as natural as it is. It provides an impression of the natural fire. This fire bulb will add an antique look to your place or garden. So, now you can have your own torch with flames without any fear of burning yourself.This fire bulb is a good choice for parties, bar, hotel, decorations, living room or bedroom, outdoor lighting or for any occasion such as Christmas or simply a time which calls for relaxation.

Now, let's get few more information about this fire bulb -

1. This bulb simulates nature flicker flame, thus earning the name LED flicker bulb.

2. Flames produced inside this bulb produce a stable effect.

3. This electric bulb and its artificial fire are safe for the environment.

4. Parameters of this LED flame effect light bulbs -

Wattage - 7 watts

Voltage - AC 85-265 Volts

Lumens - 700LM

Lifetime of the bulb - 50000+ hrs

Color temperature - 1500K

Gravity Sensor - it auto switches the direction of the fire upside down when the bulb is tilted or is held upside down.

Beam Angle - 360 degrees

5. Its vivid and dynamic moving flames create an illusion of real and natural flames of fire.

6. It has one mode - flickering mode

7. Size of this LED flame effect bulb is -

13.8*6 in cm

2.4*5.4 in inches

8. This bulb is very easy to handle.

9. This fire bulb is shock and vibration resistant.

10. There are a number of bases available for this item and you can select the base based on your requirement. Bases available are E26/E27, B22, E14.

N.B: There is some low-quality 5W bulb in the market. Be sure that you get 7W real like fire bulb.


This tubular shaped LED flicker bulb has a body made up of two main materials, polycarbonate and aluminum. This combination makes this fire bulb a strong but a light and portable item.

It can replace the traditional gas lamp, flashlight and hurricane lamp giving you a whole new makeover of your home or garden. And because it is a fire bulb, it's flame colour is made to resemble the orange and yellow colour of the natural fire.

Not only are these bulbs fit for parties and outdoor lighting but are also one of the best product to gift. Be it a gift for a housewarming party or a birthday party, this LED fire effect light bulb will burn the night away with joy by his artificial flames.

Along with its artificial or let's call it as artistic flames, it creates a lovely environment to keep your mind at peace to meditate or study for an exam.

So, go and grab this unique piece of light item, either for yourself or your neighbour or a friend or a relative, and see the beauty of merging nature with artificial human creation. Light cannot get better than this.


FAQ - 9FAB® LED Flame Effect Flickering Fire Light Bulb with Gravity Sensor

Q1: What makes the 99FAB LED flame effect flickering bulb stand out from other flame bulbs on the market?

A1: The 99FAB LED Flame Effect Bulb offers a more vivid flame effect with lifelike colors and motion, creating a captivating ambiance without the hazards and smoke of a real fire. It's designed for holiday decorations, such as Halloween and Christmas, and even has a built-in gravity sensor for automatic flame direction adjustment.

Q2: Can I use this bulb outdoors?

A2: Absolutely! The 99FAB LED Flame Effect Bulb is easy to use outdoors. It can screw into any standard light socket, transforming outdoor lamp posts, garage lights, and more into a lifelike flame in seconds.

Q3: What are the specifications of this Fire Light Bulb?


  • Wattage: 9 watts
  • Voltage: AC 85-265V
  • Lifetime: 50000hrs+
  • Lumens: 750LM
  • Color temperature: 1500K (True Fire color)
  • Gravity Sensor: Works as a Gravity flame bulb, automatically switching the fire direction upside down.
  • Beam Angle: 360 Degrees
  • Certification: CE, RoHS, CCC
  • Modes: Flickering mode
  • Size: 13.8 * 6(cm) / 2.4 * 5.4 (inch)

Q4: How can I distinguish the original 99FAB® Flame bulb from cheap duplicates?

A4: Be cautious and ensure you purchase the original 99FAB® Flame bulb with the 99FAB logo on it from 99fab.com. There are counterfeit bulbs in the market. You will receive a full 2 years replacement warranty only on original 99FAB® bulbs at 99fab.com.

Q5: Is it possible to use E26 and E27 bulb bases interchangeably with this product?

A5: Yes, both E26 and E27 bulb bases are interchangeable with this bulb. The E26 is the standard 120 Volt American base, while the E27 is the European variant rated at 220 Volts. However, an E27 bulb can fit into the E26 base without any issues. The sockets and bulbs are interchangeable, except for the voltage rating.

Q6: Can I control the intensity of the flickering flame effect, or is it a fixed setting?

A6: The 99FAB LED Flame Effect Bulb has a fixed flickering mode that creates a cozy, lifelike flame effect. It doesn't have adjustable intensity settings, but its default setting provides a warm and inviting ambiance.

Q7: How does the gravity sensor work, and what purpose does it serve in this bulb?

A7: The built-in gravity sensor in the 99FAB bulb allows it to automatically switch the fire direction upside down. This feature adds an extra layer of realism to the flame effect, making it appear as if the flame is affected by gravity, just like a real fire.

Q8: Can I use this bulb with a dimmer switch to adjust the brightness?

A8: The 99FAB LED Flame Effect Bulb is not designed to be used with dimmer switches. It operates at a fixed brightness and is not dimmable. Attempting to use it with a dimmer switch may result in flickering or other performance issues.

Q9: Is this bulb compatible with smart home systems and voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant?

A9: Unfortunately, this bulb is not compatible with smart home systems or voice assistants. It operates as a standalone decorative light bulb and does not have smart functionality or integration with smart home ecosystems.

Q10: Can I use this flame bulb in enclosed fixtures, such as sconces or lanterns?

A10: It's recommended to use the 99FAB LED Flame Effect Bulb in open fixtures or fixtures with adequate ventilation. Using it in fully enclosed fixtures may affect its performance and lifespan due to heat buildup. For best results, use it in fixtures where heat can dissipate effectively.

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