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Best Modern Wall Candle Holders for Your Home

Is there anything more soothing than bathing in warm water with the soft candlelight on? Not at all! You can turn your bathroom into a private spa with modern wall candle holders. To help you choose the right one, we present the best modern wall candle holders for your home.

Not only the bathroom but wall candle holders can also add a bit of polish and glam to your living space. They look like jewelry for your space. Wall sconces for candles have been used since Grandparents' time and are still equally popular today.

Moreover, modern candle wall sconces are a gorgeous alternative to those hardwired light fixtures. So you don't have outlets in the right place for your light fixtures? Don't worry; you may want to consider these sconce candle holders.

Why Is Wall Mount Candle Holder Better?

A wall-mounted candle holder is decorative to look at. However, they give you a lovely, warm candlelight glow without needing an electrician. Also, they are pretty affordable compared to those electric lighting fixtures.

On top of that, decorative wall sconces candle holders fit anywhere in the home. They look great in the bathroom, bedrooms, dining space, and entryways. In short, you can use it anywhere in the house where you want to create an atmosphere.

Not that you have to use actual candles in the sconce candle holders. You can also use LED candles if you want. Hence, you don't have to worry about blowing them out. Best of all, you can install decorative candle wall sconces wherever you want.

Our Favorite Modern Wall Candle Holders List

So, are you ready to add a wall mount candle holder to your home? Below is a list of our favorite modern candle wall sconces, which are worth purchasing. We've included metal and wooden sconce candle holders in gold, matte and black finishes.

  1. Golden Hexagon Trio Mirrored Wall Sconce
  2. Peacock Three Candle Wall Sconce
  3. Gold Metallic Candle Holder
  4. S 2 Black Laser Cut Sconces
  5. Modern Bling Mirrored Wall Sconce
  6. Metal and Wood Vertical Wall Candle Holder
  7. 5-Candle Metal and Wood Holder Centerpiece
  8. Brown, Vintage, Metal - Wall Candle Holder Sconce Set
  9. 17" x 5" x 6" Green, Wood, Mirror - Candle Holder Sconce

They have modern and classic styles with details like hammered finishes, wooden patterns, mirrors, etc. These would definitely give a unique wall art different from a gallery wall. Without further ado, let's take a look at them.

Best Modern Wall Candle Holders for Your Home [Review]

Comparing with other products is always the best thing you can do when it comes to get the best one. To make it easier for you, we have tested and analyzed scopes, product quality, and other parameters.

Go through below product reviews to get the best modern wall candle holders for your home.

01. Golden Hexagon Trio Mirrored Wall Sconce

Golden Hexagon Trio Mirrored Wall Sconce

Let's start the list with an eye-catching, and one of the large wall candle holders. This stunning golden hexagon trio mirrored wall sconce has mirrors, wall art, and sconces all! It allows you to decorate your space uniquely and fashionably.

The wall sconce contains three main hexagons with many hexagon frames inside them. These modern and airy hexagons are finished in antiqued gold. Moreover, they have mirrored glass in the back.

There are candle holders in between, which hold tealights and votives. The lights reflect in the mirror and give you a stunning glow. All in all, this vintage-style wall sconce adds a unique decoration to your wall.

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02. Peacock Three Candle Wall Sconce

Peacock Three Candle Wall Sconce

This Peacock three candle wall sconce is truly a lavish option. In addition to the lighting function, this wall sconce can add a dynamic touch to your décor. It comes with a three candle holder that will perfectly fit in the hallway, adorn either side of the fireplace, and add flickering ambiance to the bedroom and the outdoor patio.

The crystals used in the wall sconce are gorgeously hand-assembled. It displays the candle on a candle plate. Most of all, its sparkly features will surely catch the eye of anyone entering the room.

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03. Gold Metallic Candle Holder

Gold Metallic Candle Holder

Do you want to take the aesthetic splendor of candles to another level? Then, take a look at this gold metallic candle holder. When candles are placed over this sophisticated candle holder, it'll add an artistic to your space.

Moreover, this candle holder will bring that elegant sight to your interior. So the flameless candles can parade their radiance. This unique candle holder can accommodate seven 3.5-inches LED flameless candles.

The spectacular crisscross legs come in different sizes to give them a stylish appearance. Yet, the piece provides a solid base. Above all, this classy candle holder is made with 100% metal to last for longer.

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04. S 2 Black Laser Cut Sconces

S 2 Black Laser Cut Sconces

It's a set of two metal wall candle holders. These decorative candle wall sconces come in dramatic black ornate laser-cut patterns. So, it will bring a bold look to any space. You can place 3.5" LED candles on these handcrafted metal candle holders.

The laser-cut pattern provides illumination to the wall. However, each candle holder comes ready to hang. You can hang them anywhere in the dining room, hallway or foyer.

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05. Modern Bling Mirrored Wall Sconce

Modern Bling Mirrored Wall Sconce

This Modern bling mirrored wall sconce will bring a touch of modernity and elegance to any home décor. Indeed, it is so unexpectedly beautiful. This mirror-themed wall sconce has five mirrored disks.

A large central disk in the middle holds a stainless steel candle holder. It comes with a glass hurricane cover. Besides, there is a crystal chandelier below the candle holder. The candle holder can hold three pillar candles.

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06. Metal and Wood Vertical Wall Candle Holder

Metal and Wood Vertical Wall Candle Holder

If you want to elevate the look of your walls, this metal and wood candle holder is what you need. It is also perfect for adding a traditional touch to your home. Thanks to its neutral color. The back of the candle holder is made of solid wood.

The wood features a light brown finish that makes the wood grain visible. Then, a metal rod in the middle covers the entire wooden panel. Besides, there are two circular shapes ranging around it.

At the bottom, there is a candle holder with more metal detailing underneath the holder. All the metal parts have a nice matte black finish. This wooden backing is strong enough to support all the metal parts.

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07. 5-Candle Metal and Wood Holder Centerpiece

5-Candle Metal and Wood Holder Centerpiece

The next rustic 5-candle metal and wood holder is a picture-perfect option for your coffee table or credenza. This simple candle holder makes a grand statement on any tabletop. It will make you feel like you are in the countryside.

This centerpiece is handcrafted with wood and a black metal stand beneath it. You can keep five pillar candles in the holders for a stunning radiant effect. However, you can put a mirror behind it on the wall for a brighter appearance.

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08. Brown, Vintage, Metal - Wall Candle Holder Sconce Set

Brown Vintage Metal - Wall Candle Holder Sconce Set

The design and appearance are similar to the crystal swirling wall sconce. But, this vintage candle holder comes with an intriguing antique appearance. It's a set of two large wall candle holders which are perfect for brightening your room.

This wall sconce's antique brass finish will easily blend with any home décor. Moreover, it comes with stylish, accent-scrolled metal backdrops. It is decorated with a candle holder for soft candlelight.

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09. 17" x 5" x 6" Green, Wood, Mirror - Candle Holder Sconce

17" x 5" x 6" Green, Wood, Mirror - Candle Holder Sconce

The last one is a super exciting wall mirror, including multiple designer shapes mirrors to warm up your home. It will fit on any wall and change the look to a whole new level of beauty.

It will make an incredible wall arrangement no matter how you set it. It has a clean, vibrant green color with a floral lattice mirrored back.

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Final Words

And, voila! These are our favorite modern wall candle holders you can find of the best quality. These wall sconces are ideal for almost any space in your home. And definitely, they will add a lovely warm glow to your home.

FAQ: Best Modern Wall Candle Holders for Your Home

1. What are Wall Mounted Candle Holders Called?

A wall-mounted candle holder is a décor-defined wall hanging that appeals to home decor. There is a reserved place to keep your favorite tea light candles, votives, or pillars.

2. How Do You Keep Candle Wax from Sticking to Glass?

Polish the base of the candle holder with a thin coat of olive oil before lighting the candle. This is the best way to keep candle wax from sticking to the glass. If there is already some wax buildup, clean it with olive oil with dish soap.

3. Where Should Wall Sconce Candles Be Placed?

Wall sconces should be placed between 60"-72" above the finished floor. In the case of horizontal spacing, wall sconces should place 6' apart. You can also install multiple fixtures depending on the layout of your house.

4. How Do You Hang a Candle Holder on a Wall?

You can hang a candle holder between 60" -72" above from the finished floor. Point out a spot with a screwdriver where you want to hang it. Then, use a hammer to install the nail on that point. Lastly, hang the wall-mounted candle holder in the nail.

5. Are Candle Wall Sconces Safe?

Absolutely, candle wall sconces are safe as long as you install them with the manufacturer's instructions. In fact, wall mount candle sconces minimize the risk of fire. But make sure you use the proper hardware while mounting the scones.

6. How High Should You Hang a Wall Sconce?

You should hang wall sconces between 60"-72" high from the finished floor. Make sure the top of the sconce is not visible. This height is perfect for any room in your home.

7. What is the Difference Between Sconce and Wall Lamp?

The words "wall sconce" and "wall lamp" are often used interchangeably. They are actually the same thing as both are mounted on the wall. The only difference between them is the lighting source. Wall lamp holds the only electric bulb, while wall sconces accommodate both electric bulbs and candles.

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