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Gift Your Pet a Personalized Collar [Protect Your Pet]

Personalized dog collars are more than just a pet accessory. It has many benefits and has proved to be a healthy option for your pet dogs. Other than being a safety tool, it definitely adds a personal sense of style to your dog.

It becomes a permanent part of your dog’s personality. There are tons of different materials, colors, and sizes available in dog collars. However, the most important thing is to always buy the best ones for your furry friend.

Leather Personalized Dog Collars Custom Pet Name ID Collar Free Engraving

Custom pet name ID collar is probably one of the best features that will convince you to get one for your dog too. If your dog ever gets lost, the engraved ID and owner’s phone number will make sure that your pet will be returned to you by a kind stranger in no time.

The collar ensures that the dog is not stray and actually has an owner that is waiting for it to come home. It also helps in putting a leash on dogs and keeping them away from getting into nasty places or an unfenced area. 

If you want to train your dog for an agility competition or prepare it for a dog show, then getting a dog collar is a must. 

How to Choose the Ideal Dog Collar? 

Choosing a dog color can be really tough when you are provided with hundreds of amazing options. But every time you buy a dog collar, you have to choose wisely. Following are some of the features to consider in a dog collar before your place your order:

Collar Size

Before ordering, make sure you have selected the appropriate collar size of your dog. Usually extra small, small, and medium sizes are available for smaller and medium-sized breeds. You can also estimate the collar size of your dog by comparing it with its weight.

For example, dogs like Bulldog, Pugs, Boxer, Poodles, and Chihuahua get a perfect fit in between small and medium sizes. You can also measure the size of your dog’s collar by using a measuring string covered around its neck a little loose (so it may not be too tight) to get the perfect collar number. 

  • XS - Ideal for Neck Size of 7.5-10”
  • S - Ideal for Neck Size of 10-13”
  • M - Ideal for Neck Size of 12.5-15.5”

If your dog’s collar size falls between the ranges mentioned above, then you can place your orders on 99fab.com for an amazing pet shopping experience. 

Dog collar size chart


    Always put your pet’s comfort before anything. Make sure the collar you are buying for the dog is comfortable enough for your dog during its sleep, playtime, and trot.

    Collars made from plastics are highly not recommended whereas leather and nylon ones are the best ones to get for your pet. You can get personalized pet collars made up of leather along with nylon stitching for extra durability. 

    Available colors

      It is not the most important feature but it does really matter that the color of the dog collar suits it. Make sure you can get an amazing variety of colors in dog collars so that your dog can flaunt away its style fully. 

      Custom Pet Name ID collar

        This is probably one of the most exciting features of getting a dog collar. You can get a dog collar with its name and owner’s information engraved on it. The collar comes with a high-quality stainless steel nameplate. This Name ID collar not only gives a chic look to your dog’s personality but also ensures the safety of your pet. 


          Usually, the nameplate has an engraving space of about two lines. You can get your pup’s name engraved on it along with your contact number. High-quality engraving is important so that the nameplate does not get affected by rust.

          The purpose of a custom pet ID name collar is to give an opportunity to the dog owner to showcase their love and care for their pup in a personalized and modern way. Leather Personalized Dog Collars Custom Pet Name ID Collar Free Engraving

          Care and Maintenance of Your Dog’s Leather Collar

          Leather dog collars can be a little extra on your wallet but with great care and maintenance, the collar will last longer than expected making it a practical buy. The dog collar needs regular cleaning for your dog’s hygiene, training purposes, and to enhance its durability. 

          Here’s how you can take care of your dog’s dirty, dull leather collar. 

          • Avoid putting or washing the leather collar directly into the water. 
          • You can use saddle soap or any mild detergent to clean the surface from dirt and mud. 
          • If you find any stubborn marks or stains, use a bristle brush to get rid of them. 
          • Use a clean or mildly damp cloth to remove all the soap or detergent from the collar surface. 
          • Once the collar is dry, you can use leather wax to enhance its shine of it. 
          • If you want extra protection for the collar (maybe because it is your pup’s favorite one) Then you can also apply a suitable-for-dog preservative or conditioner. 
          • Buff away the collar for maximum shine and voila! 

          By following this routine, the personalized dog collars last longer than expected. 

          Bottom Line

          Almost every dog owner understands the importance of having a collar for their furry friends. It is important to keep a number of factors before buying one because one wrong decision will affect your dog’s health.

          If the collar size is wrong or too tight, your dog might get hurt during its trot or training sessions. So, make sure to and measure and order the appropriate neck size collar for your dog.

          The customization gives you freedom of your pet’s name and your contact number to be engraved on the nameplate of the collar. So, a leather dog collar is not just a piece of dog’s fashion but also plays an important role in making sure your pet is secured.

          It will be returned to you in case it goes running loose anytime. What you are waiting for then? Place an order for your pup and surprise it with a stylish yet comfortable leather collar!

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