Best LED flame light bulb - Amazing benefits like gravity sensor
Best LED flame light bulb - Amazing benefits like gravity sensor

Lightening technology has been revolutionized and now we have different kinds of light bulbs. But, when you have so many choices, it is important to ensure that they are safe, user-friendly, and cheap to use.

Back in time when people used fires as light, a lot of houses burned down. But, now we have electric light bulbs around the world that can glow up any space. With the technology of LED bulbs now in our hands, lights are more than just a glow. You have options at such a low cost for both indoor and outdoor. Best LED flame light bulb has gravity sensors and flickering effects of moving flame. It creates the perfect ambiance for your house, offices, and restaurants, etc.  

In the past, there were not so many options when it comes to light. Of course, for people, a product is more special if it can provide value and comes at a cheap price. LED bulbs were an invention that fall into the category of what people were looking for. At low prices, you have so many great options like LED flame effect light bulbs. 

Things to consider before buying the best LED flame light bulb:

Things to consider before buying the best LED flame light bulb


  • Socket and bulb size:

We all know that bulbs and sockets come in different sizes. So, it is important to ensure that you are purchasing the right fit for your space. E26 is the standard size to the USA or you can use an E12 small candelabra socket that is perfect for small decoration sockets. The cheaper bulbs have a great size and cannot fit in a small socket. Some come in canister shape too if you are looking for something different. It will give your space a good look too rather than the typical shapes of bulbs. If you do not have light fixtures in the room then go for a bigger size of LED bulbs. A bigger size means that you can get a better flickering flame effect for your space. 

  • The brightness of LED flame bulbs:

When it comes to the LED flame bulbs, they are a little dimmer than the typical LED bulb. It is because of the effect and animation they give. So, the brightness it has is important for the perfect ambiance in a room. These bulbs have a brightness of 700-750 lumens and you can select based on your need.

  • Power source:

The perfect power source that you should look at in a flame bulb is AC 85-265V or DC 12 volt. A lot of people want to use the DC one but it is not easily available in stores even online. But, you can get it at 99fab. 

  • The flame effect is for 24/7 or not?

It is a concern for a lot of customers as they don’t know that whether they should the flame effect all the time or not. First, it is your choice as for many people it is cool and they like to keep it on. You have the choices of modes so you can turn on the flame mode. But, you can go for the easy type here as there are LED flame effect light bulbs that come in a single mode. So, you do not have to worry about changing it and enjoy the perfect ambiance in your space. 

  • Are there dimmable LED flame bulbs?

Due to the flame effect, you will not find LED flame effect light bulbs with dimmable features. There are candles of the same feature that you can use that you find online easily.

  • How does the flame effect work?

Finding the best LED flame light bulb means that there are some factors you must know. A lot of customers have this question of flame effect that whether it goes upside down or not. Most bulbs come up with this programming and their effect starts at the top. But a lot of people have fixtures at the top so then what? Well, you can choose your LED flame bulb with a gravity sensor as it automatically detects and ensures the perfect orientation of the flame. You do not have to worry about the up or down as it will cover you in any situation. 

Must look features in an LED flame bulb:

  • It should be easily available online
  • Normal wattage for any space could be 9 watts
  • The lifetime should be 50000hrs+
  • Comes with a gravity sensor for the perfect orientation
  • 360-degree beam angle
  • Gives the perfect dynamic flame you are looking for
  • It should have a flickering mode
  • It should increase the beauty of your space and ensure a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere

Benefits of choosing LED flame light bulb:

Benefits of choosing LED flame light bulb

Here are some of the amazing benefits that you can enjoy choosing LED flame effect light bulbs. 

  • Highly safe for every space:

One of the most important things that we look for in a bulb is to ensure safety and fire hazard protection. LED bulbs are highly safe regardless of which one of them you choose. They do not get hot and break easily. Especially with kids at home, you need to replace the traditional old lights with these safer ones. 

  • Double intensity:

Do you know that LED bulbs have more intensity than any other bulb? They give you the perfect light in your space no matter which one you choose. Moreover, they are chemically stable so they are bright twice as much and do not take much electrical energy to double your bills. You can always find the one you like based on your brightness choice. 

  • A romantic and relaxed setting for your space:

 Best LED flame light bulbs are perfect to provide you with small or large spaces with aesthetics. To spend some quality time with your partner or your family after hectic jobs, you need the right atmosphere. And, LED flame bulbs are just the ideal thing that you need for your home. 

  • Better light with value-friendly experience:

One of the best things about LED bulbs is that they provide better light without creating a burden on your pocket. We all know that with the advancement of technology we have better and value-friendly options in light. So, make smart decisions and save money by choosing LED light bulbs for your spaces. 

How long do LED flame bulbs last?

It depends on the bulb but the lifetime of this product is too good. You can use it for many years even with the flame on. The lifetime goes high up to 50000+ hours in flame effect bulbs. 

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