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Wall Decor

Adding some wonderful wall décors can shift the overall ambiance of your room. Your home will be prettier than ever before.

Or you probably think of some affordable wall décor ideas to give your home a new makeover. Check out our fantastic and budget-friendly home décor ideas for the walls at 99feb.com.

Stunning Wall Décor Ideas that Will Blow Your Mind

If you want, you can start a DIY project to decorate the wall on your own. However, that will take a lot of time and patience. So, it’s an intelligent decision to buy wall décor items.

Some of our favorite and most selling items are below.

Handcrafted items:

The handcrafted items are at the top of our list because they give out the warmest feelings and chic look in your room. The items you can choose for your wall are:

Giant folding wall hanging fan

Large fans are often referred to as good luck, protection, and redirect energy. Also, they are made of organic bamboo and give a rustic look.

Seagrass hanging wall décor basket

If you are interested in Boho or Scandinavian farmhouse décor in your living room or kitchen wall, these placemats should be the perfect match. These baskets will make your day with the bright colors of the carefully handwoven patterns.

Rustic galvanized metal wall décor

Your home will only feel homely when you have your family with you. So, let your family feel a little more special with a metal wall frame with ‘FAMILY’ written on it.

Metal plates

Those who prefer metal decorations on the walls can pick the round metal plates. Choose from a set that has blue, green, and Ivory colors.

Since we are talking about the metal plates, we have to mention the metallic flower wall décor. The golden and blue floral design will bring your room a new aesthetic.

Wall art for home décor

An art piece on your living room wall is enough to create a focal point. From descriptive to minimal, you can hang any artwork. But keep in mind that it will represent your taste in art.

So, choose wisely because that art piece can start a conversation when guests visit your home.

From thousands of art piece ideas on the internet, you can have anyone from the list below:

Gray wood wall art

You can customize quotes or names with a piece of gray wood and hang it on the wall around the sitting area.

Vintage look French swan wall art

A swan painting will bring calmness and a cozy feeling to your bedroom. Your guests will definitely praise it.

Grey vintage heron tapestry wall décor

The rope hanger and wooden bars have made the painting a classic old and elegant look. And the same feeling goes for the bicycle, songbird, Iris arrangement, and the Butterfly wall décor.

Baltimore Crab Shack wall art

A printed wood will be a new form of love for the art-loving people. Instead of buying a painting, you can customize the photo or logo you want to be printed. Not only the Baltimore crab shack, but you can also print the distressed bear, vintage Cajun jazz club, skiing into Colorado flag, seahorse, Arizona flag, Moose bay lodge, Chocolate brown bear, and many more.

And don’t forget to check out the 3D paint wall art made with carved wood.

Flower Vase:

To have the freshness of flowers, you can hang lightweight pocket vases on your wall. It would look better if you had two of them on every room wall. You can choose from a Silver Crocodile-embossed structure or a metal frame with a glass vase.

Wall Shelf:

Why only decorate the wall when you can install a wall shelf to keep small and essential objects, for example, keys? All you need to do is choose the materials:

  • Cement: Take a look at the wall shelf made with cement. Different shapes are available in these piece of antique-looking pieces.
  • Combined: The iron frames with a wooden platform as a shelf are made for minimalist style lovers.
  • Wood: If the above styles seem tedious, you can pick the Boho carved wood wall shelves that come as a set of two. Most wooden shelves look like antiques to keep the most sacred scrolls. So, they are fun facts to keep as wall décor.

Wall shelves are primarily installed in the entry hallway so you can use them when needed.

Wall décor picture frames:

Make your wall a memory lane. The desire for photo frames will never go away, no matter how many decorative accessories are available on the market. With the updated and unique designs, the photo frames will hold memories.

You can also pick the wall decors that are not for photos and have unique patterns and designs. Some samples include a woman silhouette shadowbox, a surfing wall, a wooden frame of Malibu beach, or a vintage-style mirrored square picture frame.

Geometric figures:

In this list of wall décor styles, the most elegant piece is the decorative geometric figures made with metal. Furthermore, the geometric figures have a little touch of nature, with three golden birds. Lastly, the candle holders will hold candles that create a gleaming light on your wall.

What can be the best way to decorate your wall if not this one?

Ceramic flower wall art:

Modern furniture and neutral paint demand an aesthetic look on the wall these days. Therefore, hanging anything blunt will not help your wall look any good. So, you can go for the ceramic flowers with cream coloring to add grace to the wall.

If not flower, you can also choose the shiny silver leaves to hang on the lonely wall.

Note: You can also customize the wall with led lights, mirrors, plants, and different geometric figures along with the abovementioned ideas.

So what are you waiting for? Buy any wall décor item that suits your choice and budget from 99feb.com.

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