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Top 10 Attractive & Personalized Gift Ideas for Her

Gifts are an expression of love, affection, and appreciation. To make your special lady feel even more special, you can choose from a wide variety of customizable or personalized gifts.

Gifts are supposed to bear your warm affection towards the recipient. However, you can take it one step further by adding personal touches with customizable shapes, sizes, texts, designs, photos, memories, and whatnot!

So, let's know about some personalized gift ideas for her that you can try.

List of Top 10 Personalized Gift Ideas for Her

The following list includes recommendations of such personalized gift items for her that you can give to your special lady:

  1. Twisted Hoop Earrings
  2. Name Pendant Necklace
  3. Double Name Ring
  4. Custom Hooded Blanket
  5. Custom Shower Curtain
  6. Custom Sequin Pillows – Valentine Graphics
  7. Custom Scented Candles – Valentine Patterns
  8. Custom Apron
  9. Custom Teddy Bear
  10. Custom Sequin iPhone Case

Let's check out these customizable gift items in detail:

1. Twisted Hoop Earrings

Twisted Hoop Earrings


  • Material: 100% stainless steel and environment-friendly titanium steel
  • Sizes Available (millimeters): 40, 50, 60, 70, and 84
  • Colors Available: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver
  • Weight (approx.): 10g

This is our first personalized graduation gift idea for her. Customized with the name or any sweet word relating to your loved one, these earrings can be a one-of-a-kind gift for your special lady. These wonderful earrings can hold up to 10 script letters linked to both ends. The topcoat is a polished finish on the color metal overlay.

However, there can only be letters and no numbers or punctuation.

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2. Name Pendant Necklace

Name Pendant Necklace


  • Item Type: Necklace and pendant
  • Material: Environment-friendly titanium steel and 100% stainless steel
  • Available colors: Rose gold/gold/silver

Customizable to become one-of-a-kind with a name or word of your choice completely. The pendant can accommodate up to 10 script letters on both ends and features a fantastic polish finish on the color metal overlay.

You can only add letters, though—no numbers or punctuation.

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3. Double Name Ring

 Double Name Ring


  • Item Type: Resizable ring
  • Material: Environment-friendly titanium steel with 100% stainless steel
  • Available colors: Rose gold/gold/silver

This is another personalized top gift idea you can add to your buying list. You can customize these rings with names of your choice and make one-of-a-kind gifts. Each ring can hold up to 10 script letters linked to the ring itself.

However, no punctuations or numbers can be added. The ring features a polished finish over the metallic color overlay that looks and feels amazing when worn.

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4. Custom Hooded Blanket

Custom Hooded Blanket


  • Sizes available:

130 cm x 150 cm for kids (50" x 60")

150 cm x 200 cm for adults (59" x 78.7")

  • Instructions & warnings: Hand or machine wash. Dry on low heat settings. Do not bleach

You need to provide 1250 x 1250 or higher resolution images to be accepted. Any lower resolution might make the print quality low.

Can it get any more comfortable than this?

These customizable hooded blankets wrap perfectly around your body and head and provide ultimate comfort. These blankets are adorable and perfect gifts for your loved one. They feature a warm Sherpa fleece back on soft crystal velvet fabric.

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5. Custom Shower Curtain

Custom Shower Curtain



  • Printed face with black back
  • 12 button holes for hook placement
  • Available to buy with or without PVC liner
  • 100% polyester made

Size: 71" x 74"

***The recommended image size is 2000 x 2000 or higher. Contact customer support for any questions or image checks.

Use any image to print on these amazing customizable shower curtains to spice up your bathroom. These 100% polyester curtains can be a wonderful addition to beautify your bathroom. You can purchase with or without the PVC liner.

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6. Custom Sequin Pillows – Valentine Graphics

Custom Sequin Pillows – Valentine Graphics


Fabric specifications:

  • Each case is made from high-quality reversible sequins
  • Concealed zipper for easy removal and cleaning
  • UV printed high-quality graphics
  • Machine-washable on low spin settings. Spot cleaning is recommended to keep the pillow looking the best.

Size: 40 cm x 40 cm (16”x16”)

9 attractive color options are available. You can use any image and create wonderful custom mermaid sequin pillows. These pillows are 100% made to order.

Brushing your hands up or down the pillow changes the image. The two interchangeable sides would be sequin color and the hidden image.

The back of the pillow is either felt or silk material that matches the color of the sequin. These excellent pillowcases can be used as toys or décor for rooms, cars, offices, or even as cushions— both for adults and children.

Moreover, you can get them as inserts and gift ready. You can purchase the stuffing separately and on your own if you choose to. If you want to gift your woman a precious gift that she would love to use, you should go for it.

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7. Custom Scented Candles – Valentine Patterns

Custom Scented Candles – Valentine Patterns



  • 75 oz candles
  • Total unit weight: 22 oz (1.4 Lbs)
  • Glass vessel
  • 60-80 hours average burn time
  • Soy wax blend (100% natural)
  • 100% cotton wick
  • Custom fragrances crafted by master perfumers
  • No lead, parabens, synthetic dyes, phthalates, or plastics. Completely non-toxic.
  • American made

Fragrances Available:

Vanilla Bean – Delightful vanilla bean and citron zest combo. This aroma is complemented by a spiced heart that's quite bold. Whipped cocoa and tonka bean undertones fulfill the heartwarming experience.

Spices of life – Cinnamon sticks and brown sugar comprise this fall celebration. Vanilla extract and pralines garnished wonderfully with just a hint of lemon complement this blend. Musk and white cedarwood sit like a cherry on top of this extravagant combination.

Ocean breeze – Imagine the two hypnotizing scents combined with star anise and citrus burst. The heart is comprised of cedarwood, lavender, and jasmine petals. Above all, the subtle hints of crushed rosemary, patchouli & oakmoss make this signature aroma into a unique delicacy.

  • USA: $8 for the first one and $5 for each additional
  • Canada: $13 for the first and $5 for each additional
  • International: $15 for the first and $9 for each additional

These customized scented candles are made in the USA and shipped from New England with a 100% natural soy wax blend. Shipped and labeled on demand. Your image will be printed on both the label and box.

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8. Custom Apron

 Custom Apron


Size: 65 cm x 75 cm (27”x30”)


  • 100% high-quality cotton.
  • Machine washable
  • High-quality, vivid printing.

The perfect gift for the loved one who cooks. These customizable aprons can hold any image of your choice. The straps are adjustable for fitting perfectly around the waist. You can also gift this personalized Christmas gift to her.

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9. Custom Teddy Bear

Custom Teddy Bear



  • Sits approximately 18 cm (7.1")
  • Super cuddly fur
  • Adorable eyes and nose embroidered
  • Removable mini t-shirt for the bear (Hey! Bears need warmth too!)
  • T-shirt made of soft cotton

Production time: 1-4 business days

Teddy bears are forever classic gift ideas for your loved ones. Who doesn't love a cute teddy bear? People often stick to one favorite teddy bear their entire lives.

These custom teddy bears are adorable and comfy. They are really fun and easy to design. You can use any text or image to customize the teddy bear's mini t-shirt—the perfect classic gift for your loved one. The customized design gives a more personal touch to the endless cuddles.

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10. Custom Sequin iPhone Case

Custom Sequin iPhone Case


Colors available: Silver/gold. The case itself is black

Compatible with Qi-based wireless chargers allowing you to leave the case on while charging.

Android cases are coming soon!

Available for:

  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X/XS
  • iPhone X/XS Max
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max

Production time: 1-4 business days.

You can print any name on the back of this phone case with solid black sequin. The other side of the sequin can hold any name printed in silver or gold. Brushing your fingers over the sequin changes sides. It can be a very interactive and interesting gift for you.

These cases are excellent gifts for iPhone users. They get a wonderful-looking phone case alongside something to play with that keeps their hands busy but doesn't require a battery. These high-quality sequin iPhone cases will make your iPhone stand out and make it a fun toy alongside a useful communication tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are a few questions that might come to your mind, or you need to know.

What is the Best Gift for a Girl?

The best possible gift for a girl is no fixed item. You need to think of the recipient who will be having the gift to ensure. They feel happy, content, and loved. Adding a personal touch with a customizable gift makes them feel even more loved and cared for.

What Should I Get My Girl for Her Birthday?

You should definitely get her something memorable that bears a personal touch for your special lady's birthday. It can be something simply decorative or a handy item too. Don't forget to add your personalized message of affection and care no matter the product choice.

What Should I Get My Girl for Christmas?

There are several Christmas-themed gift items on our website. You can choose from the collection or add your personalized image or message to a regular item to make it more Christmassy.

What Should Every Teenage Girl Have in Her Room?

Everyone likes teddy bears, teenagers most of all. If a teenage girl doesn't already have a favorite teddy bear, get her a customized one to snuggle with.

How Can I Surprise My Long-distance Girlfriend on Her Birthday?

Long-distance relationships are difficult since intimacy is rare to come by. You can customize a sequin pillow, a teddy bear, or a comforter with your favorite photo together or a quote or a message with an intimate personal touch to make her feel your presence from a distance.

Closing Thoughts

Gifts are wonderful things, whether you are giving or receiving them. The above-discussed gift ideas can add a special personal touch to your gifts and make your loved one feel more special.

Since it's all about preferences when you plan to give a gift, you can choose from the personalized gift ideas for her suggested in this article or from the others on the website.

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