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Buy the Most Attractive Woven Basket Wall Décor

The trend of woven wall baskets is everywhere. It's being appreciated all over the world for interiors. You don't even need an interior designer to make your home look sophisticated. From the living room to the bedroom, it fits everywhere.

And it looks like your house came straight from a home magazine. Of course, it's something different and more tactile than standard gallery walls. Even you can mix both for a unique appearance – decorative wall baskets with pictures.

With that in mind, here we come with our favorite wall basket décor ideas to inspire you. These will help you to spruce up any wall in your home.

Top Woven Basket Wall Décor Ideas for Your Home

A woven basket will add a bit of eclectic charm to your home. Your walls will get a refreshing look and, of course, gorgeous texture. The best part is that woven basket décor is easy to hang anywhere on the wall. No matter how and where you place it, it'll add a sculptural element to the room.

So, it's a great idea to decorate the wall even for beginners. Let's find some woven basket wall décor ideas for your home to make it more beautiful.

The following list includes some cutest decorative wall baskets you can get your hands on.

01. Bamboo Woven Basket Boho Wall Hanging Décor

Bamboo Woven Basket Boho Wall Hanging Decor

Let's start the list with a rustic bamboo weaved basket boho décor. It's ideal for nature lovers, minimalists, and those who prefer rustic home décor. This eye-catching boho wall hanging décor is perfect for the kitchen, bedroom, living, and dining room.

Basically, it's a MadeTerra wicker basket wall décor that also can be used as a serving tray. It makes a beatific decorative tray or centerpiece for dining. Thanks to its gorgeous woven pattern.

This tray is masterfully handcrafted by skilled artisans from a village in Vietnam. Since the basket is made of bamboo, it's an eco-friendly and sustainable décor. All in all, it's a cute organizer, food serving tray, and of course, wall décor.

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02. Wall Accents Seagrass Hanging Wall Decor Basket (Green)

Wall Accents Seagrass Hanging Wall Decor Basket (Green)

Go rustic and consider these creative and charming baskets for wall décor. It's a tray basket that comes with a stunning woven pattern and symphonic combination of colors. These wall baskets are set to add a natural touch to your home.

It fits mostly in the master bedroom, kitchen, living, fireplace décor, and even kitchen table. Moreover, this MadeTerra woven wall basket décor set is free of chemicals and made of natural seagrass. Above all, the colors are vivid and the flawless weaving patterns.

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03. Woven Fruit Basket Bowl Rustic Boho Decor Wall Hanging

Woven Fruit Basket Bowl Rustic Boho Decor Wall Hanging

This woven basket bowl fits beautifully as a fruit serving basket bowl, organizer, and coffee table ornament. Because of its woven pattern, it could be used as a decorative bowl and a dining centerpiece.

You can hang this woven basket wall décor on the wall with a loop on the back. It will add character and a natural touch, and rustic boho beauty to any wall in your home. The best part is it makes a decent gift for those who love minimal home décor.

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04. Seagrass Round Basket Set of 3

Seagrass Round Basket Set of 3 | Unique Farmhouse Wall Decor Tray for Wall Display or Home Decoration

This MadeTerra wicker tray set is precisely made to detail. It's a set of three wall baskets décor made of seagrass where each tray is woven with different patterns and unique color mixtures.

You can use these baskets for wall décor. It falls in accord with many styles of décor, adding a nice and rustic touch to the wall. Moreover, the set includes wall baskets décor of three different sizes. The trays are free from mold and easy to clean with a wet cloth – go hand-by-hand as a decorative material or serving tray.

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05. Jumbo Bohemian Bamboo Decorative Wall Basket

Jumbo Bohemian Bamboo Decorative Wall Basket

The next, Jumbo Bohemian bamboo decorative wall basket will add depth and dimensions to your home. Your walls will never look plain again with these decorative wall baskets. Also, it will casually and fashionably elevate your space.

The wall basket décor is made from bamboo. Here, thin bamboo strips are weaved into a floral pattern. Moreover, the outer edge is crafted in a round shape to frame the floral pattern inside.

There is a tightly woven round disk in the middle of the basket. Its function is to securely hold all the thin bamboo strips and attach an anchor to the whole piece. You can use it with other elements to make your wall look elegant.

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06. Natural Seagrass Woven Fruit Basket Bowl

Natural Seagrass Woven Fruit Basket Bowl

This rustic boho woven basket is one of the coolest hanging woven baskets you can get. The basket bowl is beautifully handcrafted with exciting patterns and unique colors. It adds an elegant yet natural touch to the wall.

The tray basket is meticulously made to detail with MadeTerra seagrass. It is free of harmful chemicals, splinters, and odors. Moreover, it is made to last for many years and is easy to clean with a wet cloth.

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07. Set 2 Round Woven Wall Decorative Baskets

Set 2 Round Woven Wall Decorative Baskets

The set includes 2 flat round woven wall hanging baskets. The woven wall baskets have beautiful woven patterns combined with a vintage neutral color mixture. Notably, the combination falls in harmony with many décors, adding a charm.

This wall basket decor set will add a pleasant touch of natural beauty to your home. Besides, it's a pretty good choice for a master bedroom, fireplace, living room, or kitchen décor. The best part is using its serving tray and even a lovely natural charger.

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08. Set of 3 Wall Hanging Jute Basket

Set of 3 Wall Hanging Jute Basket

This wall-hanging woven baskets set is a must-have for your wall décor collections. The set includes three flat jute basket that comes with innovative weaving. These baskets are easy to hang on the walls with a nail or an adhesive hook.

Though it is meticulously woven, you can still clean the dirt with a wet cloth. After cleaning, air dries it to prevent moisture from causing molds. This MadeTerra woven wall basket is made from natural jute. It makes the wall basket an eco-friendly and maintainable wall décor.

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09. Square Bamboo Woven Basket Tray

Square Bamboo Woven Basket Tray

The next one is absolutely creative and unique wall décor and a serving tray. It is precisely woven with bamboo, free of chemicals, odors, and cracks. This MadeTerra wicker serving tray makes a perfect decorative tray.

The beautiful square woven pattern with a unique color mixer makes it a perfect décor. This wire basket has also become a popular choice for the party table. Above all, its premium craftsmanship made the tray last for a long.

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10. Hanging Woven Storage Basket

Hanging Woven Storage Basket

The last one is a wall-mounted basket that fits several spaces. It is one of the coolest hanging woven baskets that serve multiple purposes. This basket makes a perfect balance of utility and minimalist style in your space.

This cute basket comes in a fruit shape and 2-piece detachable design. It is super fit for hanging necessary stuff and displaying small planters or cute ornaments. Moreover, it has a deep bottom to keep various household items.

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Wrap Up!

Decorating with woven basket wall décor is an oh-so-pretty way to add splendor and texture to a home. Also, it is one of the finest ways to fill up any bare wall. You can consider any of the above baskets for your next makeover.

So, add a little texture and dimension to your space with any of these woven wall baskets. These are pretty affordable too! Your room will definitely look like a dreamy one.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do You Hang a Wicker Basket on the Wall?

You can hang a wicker basket using a hook or nail, whatever works best for the wall. Most people use nails or picture hangers to hang a wicker basket wall decor. These are best as wicker baskets are small and flat.

2. What is a Basket Wall?

Simply put, a basket wall is a collection of baskets gathered together and hung on a wall. These come in various styles, including rustic, boho, or coastal.

3. How Do You Decorate a Living Room with a Basket?

Decorating a living room depends on an individual's preference. You can do it according to your space. Nonetheless, you can follow the tips below to decorate a living room with baskets.

  • Keep it simple with one woven basket
  • Decorate with a set of three Seagrass Round Basket
  • Create a gallery wall of woven baskets
  • Try Mix and Match styles

4. What Do You Use a Woven Basket for?

You can use a woven basket wall decor to decorate the wall as a serving tray, storage basket, or organizer. Some woven baskets can be used for under-storage.

5. How Do You Secure a Basket to a Wall?

Hold the basket over the hole to ensure nothing is visible outside. Attach the basket by twisting the screws to the holes. Use a metal washer in between for added support.

6. How Do You Use Storage Baskets?

Use the storage basket as a side table for keeping small vessels, mail, or books in the living. Use it to store grocery items and other daily needed things. Also, you can use it as a closet basket to store items like belts, gloves, hats, etc.

7. How Do You Attach Wire Baskets to Wood?

Use hooks or nails to attach a wire basket to wood. Depending on the size and weight of the basket, you may want to use more than one hook or nail.

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