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Beautiful belongings should be kept inside beautiful storage! An antique trinket box is one of the splendid carriers. And, we all have a soft corner for owing antique jewelry, home décor, and so on.

So what is a trinket box? Usually, people use trinket boxes to keep valuable possessions, daily jewelry, and collectible trinkets.

However, it doesn't necessarily have to be expensive and gorgeous stuff. You can use it to keep anything special or as a gift item.

So if you are looking for antique trinket boxes, this article might help you. We've listed some attractive antique trinket box collections you can gift to your beloved ones.

10 Antique Trinket Boxes: Special Gift for Your Loved Ones

Speaking of special possessions, are you looking to gift something extraordinary to a loved one? If so, you can check the assorted list of antique trinket boxes. Here are the 10 most charming antique trinket boxes.

1. Brown Decorated Trinket Box

Brown Decorated Trinket Box

It is an enamel-painted antique jewelry casket. The decoration with Austrian crystals gives it a magnificent look!

This trinket box can either be coated with 24k Gold or 925 Silver. All the crystals affixed to it is hand-sorted. Moreover, the artist has placed the crystals to enhance the beauty of the box.

On top of that, the box has been made using distinct procedures. That technique results in Enamel embedded with Austrian crystals. So if you want to buy an antique jewelry box for yourself or give someone special, go for this.

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2. King of Goats

King of Goats

Why would anyone gift someone a trinket box like this one? Why not! If you are a fun person and are buying this for a similar personality, this is the gift you like to check out.

Basically, it is a costume jewelry box. And it's a handmade Enamel incorporated trinket box. Also, it has Austrian crystals. And the 925 Silver coating makes it extra valuable.

The noteworthy aspect of this box is it has a magnetic lock. This means- the artist has put a lot of thought while making this box. With the magnetic lock, you can secure things faster. Besides, the lock is suitable for the design.

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3. Brown Dog

Brown Dog

This is one of the adorable antique jewelry boxes. If you have a family member, friend, or a special person who is a dog lover, they will surely love it.

It is painted with Enamel and adorned with Austrian crystals. Each crystal has been picked carefully to make it the best gift.

This box has a unique feature with a carved stamp inside it! Moreover, it has a magnetic lock to secure all your valuable stuff.

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4. Large Golden Horse Decorated with White Crystals

Large Golden Horse Decorated with White Crystals

Looking for some valuable trinket boxes? Then you should check this one out.

This marvelous horse trinket box is made with enamel paint and handpicked Austrian crystals. Unlike other items on my list, the horse's entire body is fixed with expensive crystals.

You can find it can be covered with 24k Gold. If not Gold, it will be covered with 925 Silver. You can choose accordingly.

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5. Golden Turtle Decorated with Colorful Crystals

Golden Turtle Decorated with Colorful Crystals

This is one of the most appealing old trinket boxes on my list. The antique color highly suits the turtle! I personally like it most among all the animal figure trinket boxes.

The colorful stones imprinted on the turtle's shell make it even nicer. The making is praiseworthy too.

They used Enamel paint and Austrian crystal to complete the surface works. Other than that, it's completely handmade and carefully crafted.

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6. Beige Vespa

Beige Vespa

This is a perfect trinket box vintage. If you have someone close, who is into vintage stuff, they will be crazy about it! Don't mind me using antique and vintage interchangeably here.

This item is so cute that I couldn't resist bringing it to your attention. This trinket box has a captivating color combination.

Overall, the artist has put considerable effort into making it look like a real-life Vespa. The look is rather simple. Yet it's gorgeous with its glossy surface and two stones used as lights.

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7. Brown Peacock

Brown Peacock

If your budget is a bit high and you want to buy an expensive and stunning trinket box, this is another one. The peacock figure is adorned with Austrian crystals of various shades.

The box is nice to look at as it exudes a soothing aura. The surface is coated with enamel paint. What is more, there could be a 24k Gold layer.

And again, it could be 925 Silver too. Don't worry about the metal. Just check the details while you are buying it.

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8. Decorated Handbag

Decorated Handbag

Any bag lover would surely love this one! You won't have to think anymore if you search for an antique handbag.

This trinket box is covered with 24k Gold. Also, you can find it covered with 925 Silver if you want to buy it at a lower price.

The stone attached in the body is all blue. And that is combined with round metal shapes. That results in an elegant appearance. So look no further; buy this fabulous handbag now.

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9. Colorful Decorated Peacock

Colorful Decorated Peacock

It is another beautiful trinket box that all have admired. The best thing about the item is the artist didn't keep the antique color.

Instead, the artist has tried to mimic the natural color of peacocks. It's brilliantly molded curved, expressing the peacock has just taken off the ground.

Along with its amazing color, it has white crystals on its body. The crystal has been placed thoughtfully, confirming it is instantly likable.

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10. Owl Sleeping on Moon

Owl Sleeping on Moon

The final trinket box on my list is a beautifully crafted sleeping owl. The entire look gives off a relaxing vibe along with the beauty.

The shape is flawlessly completed. Though it looks machine-made, it's entirely handmade. And all the other items, this box also contains Enamel paint, Austrian crystal, Gold or Silver coating, and a magnetic lock.

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Final Thoughts

Antique items carry history itself. And whenever its about decorating your home or space, those items can bring a different vibe.

So if you are an antique lover, the list must help you to choose the next one. Apart from the mentioned trinket box for sale mentioned above, there are many more you can explore. Do the research and choose wisely.

FAQ: Antique Trinket Boxes

Now, I will be answering some questions that might be useful to you. Check them below.

What are Trinket Boxes Used for?

Originally, trinket boxes were created for storing small ornaments.

What Can You Do with Old Trinket Boxes?

Trinket boxes can be used for various purposes. Generally, they are used for keeping ornaments securely. But, you can make use of them for anything special and valuable.

When Were Trinket Boxes Invented?

The use of trinket boxes can be traced back to 5000 BC. As it seems, there isn't any time to specify when trinket boxes were invented. So, you can say they emerged in an ancient period.

What Do You Keep in a Trinket Box?

You can use them to store expensive ornaments, jewelry that you use regularly, and special stuff you have collected for a place.

Where Did Trinket Boxes Originate?

Egypt is the place where trinket boxes originated from. And trinket boxes were widely popular in Ancient Egypt.

Are Trinket Boxes Recyclable?

It depends on the material used to make a trinket box. Considering that, check on the packet of your trinket box if it says recyclable.

Should I Keep My Trinket Boxes?

Well, that is up to you. Needless to say, if it's a special gift, you should keep it. On the other hand, you might not like it much. In that case, if it's just clutter around the house, you can throw it away.

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