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How to Remove Wax from Candle Holders [Step by Step Guide]

Candles have a never-ending appeal in our life. Although we do not need candles anymore to illuminate our lives, it is still used in almost every household. It resembles romance, celebration, or simply a form of home décor.

However, different forms of candles and candle holders have been used in our homes for many years. And most of the time, they are made with durable materials to reuse the holders again and again. But after several uses, it becomes necessary to remove wax from candle holders where most people suffer.

So, You may think it is difficult to remove hard wax from the holder, but trust me when I say it is easier than you think. Let’s tell you why.

Most Common Methods: How to Remove Wax from Candle Holders

Usually, any wax is supposed to melt with heat. Hence, the most common method to get candle wax out of the jar is to pour hot water and scrub gently. However, since you may buy candle holders made with different materials, the removal process may vary.

Applying heat is by far the most used method. But if you are worried about the holder’s material, you should look at the following methods below to find what best suits your interest.

First Method: Pop Your Candle Holder into the Freezer

Freezing the wax helps you clean candle jars by the opposite temperature mechanism. Since cold temperature shrinks the wax, it helps to uplift the surface of the wax deposit that is stuck with the holder. This method works the best for Votive/Prayer candles that are hard to remove.

Step by Step Method:

  • Step 01: Put the candle holder in the freezer
  • Step 02: Wait for several hours until the wax freezes and pops out of the jar or holder
  • Step 03: Use a butter knife to break the chunks of wax after freezing
  • Step 04: Scrub gently with a clean damp cloth and warm water and soap to remove candle wax from the jar.

Applicable for candle holders made with: All types of candle holders.

This method can remove a whole candle from a glass jar. If you want to draw some designs or add new dressing to the pot, you should follow this method to shrink the whole wax chunk. And by turning it upside down, you will be able to remove it.

Second Method: Heating Method

Another way of removing wax from candle jars is by melting the excess wax. There are a few ways to do it. We have listed the 3 easiest methods.

Step by Step Method: Pouring Hot Water

This method is best for the excess wax stuck hard. To clean out a candle jar, you need to follow these steps:

  • Step 01: Pour hot water into the jar
  • Step 02: Wait for 5 to 6 water. You will see bubbles, and the wax will rise from the bottom to the top of the jar.
  • Step 03: Remove water and the wax and wash the jar with warm water.

If you still have a significant amount of candle wax in the jar, you need to repeat the process. The only demerit of this process is it takes a lot of patience. So, it is better to do it overnight.

Applicable for: Glass/ Hard plastic jar.

Third Method: Using Hot Air of the Hair Dryer

Now, some people don’t want to work with boiling water as there are chances of spilling the water and burning your skin. What you can do then is, use your hairdryer to remove the wax from your holder.

Step by Step Method:

To get wax out of the candle holder, follow the steps given below:

  • Step 01: put the candle holder upside down on a damp cloth
  • Step 02: take the hair dryer and blow hot air from where you want to remove the holder
  • Step 03: bring a paper towel and remove the melted wax

Applicable for: Metal/wooden candle holder

Fourth Method: Using Stove

If you are planning to store the melted wax in another jar, you can try the following method:

Step by Step Method:

  • Step 01: boil water in a pot
  • Step 02: turn off the stove and put the jar in the water
  • Step 03: When the wax melts, hold it with a cloth or Stainless Tong and drip the wax into your desired pot.

Applicable for: glass/metal.

Fifth Method: Using Coffee Warmer/ Hot Plate

A coffee warmer is a clever way to remove wax from a ceramic or glass candle jar. All you need to do is warm the jar> melt the wax> and clean it with a damp cloth. Easy, right?

This method is also applicable to melting wax from old candles and turning it into new ones. To replace an old jar, you should buy some unique candle jars or holders. Visit this amazing collection of candle holders to bring classy changes to your home décor with metal, glass, wood, votive, and vintage candle holders.

Expert Tips:

  1. If your candle holder or container is made with breakable materials, you should line the sink bottom with a towel.
  2. You should only apply hot water to the waterproof candle holder: Ceramic, metal, glass.
  3. Use a hand towel or napkin to hold the jar while using hot water


Many people do not know how to remove wax from candle holders and leave the holders as it is. And when they want to reuse the holder, they have to struggle with the stubborn hard wax.

We hope this article helped you learn the quick hacks of cleaning the Candleholder. Try to keep the holder clean, or the old wax will give you a hard time.

Moreover, check which method you are using for the removal process as some holders may be sensitive to any particular way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Get Wax Out of a Candle Holder?

There are a few common ways to remove wax from a holder. Among them, the easiest method is to freeze the holder. Freezing makes the wax pop up. You can easily remove them by using a butter knife.

How Do You Get Candle Wax Out of Glass Jars?

You can try the above-mentioned methods to get candle wax out of the glass jars. Another approach is to pour some water into the jar. This way, the wax will loosen up after some time.

How Do You Remove Dried Wax?

Removing dried wax could be a little tricky. Using a damp white cloth followed by applying medium heat (use iron) could be a way to remove dried wax.

What Will Dissolve Candle Wax?

Solvents that dissolve oil should be able to dissolve wax. Some examples are Acetone and Alcohol. Usually, nail polish remover and rubbing alcohol contains acetone and alcohol, respectively.

How Do You Get Wax Off of Metal?

If you directly heat the metal jar, that would cause discoloration and deformation of the structure. So, you should boil water in a pan and submerge the holder after turning off the stove. The heat of the water would be enough for the wax to melt and slide off.

Does Vinegar Dissolve Wax?

Fortunately, it does. You can only use vinegar to clean unwanted wax from any surface. However, be careful to use vinegar on furniture that is polished with wax.

How Do You Get Wax Off of Plastic?

Freezing a plastic jar is the only option to get rid of the wax. Heating may cause damage to the jar, and other solvents may not be suitable for plastic. Hence, freeze for several hours and remove the wax with a damp cloth.

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