24 Creative Wall Decor Ideas to Decorate

A simple wall is like a blank canvas. You can represent your personality through the way you design it.

So do you want to decorate your wall uniquely? Well, you will be pleased to know that there are vast ideas for wall decors. In this article, we have sorted 24 creative wall décor ideas. Anyone can do it themselves at a low cost.

Let's explore them.

24 Creative Wall Decor Ideas that Will Blow Your Mind

You may find many décor ideas online; however, many require completing lots of tasks and spending extra money. Here are some easy and cost-effective creative wall décor ideas you can try.

1. Hang large-scale art

You can use a large photograph or painting in a small area to create a tone. And, you will get different types of paintings at an affordable price in stores.

For instance, you can check framed surfing wall art or botanical framed wall art. Also, you can use a black/white photo or an abstract painting of vibrant colors.

2. Merge your accent wall

Obviously, you can add different things to the wall, but did you think about merging your accent walls? Some creative ways to decorate are using bold & bright paint and creating patterns.

You can create patterns easily by using different paint techniques or stenciling. This can create a bigger impact in a small area.

3. Display a fabric

Want to add a pop of color to your wall? You can simply add a wall hanging or display a tapestry. This will create a neutral and soft tone in your space. Additionally, you can add some vintage accessories or any patterned textiles.

Note: When you display such accessories or removable framings, moving from one place to another would be effortless.

4. Attach some mirrors

A mirror can reflect light. Plus, it creates an illusion in a small space and makes it look bigger. Therefore, you can attach some mirrors or use a large mirror on the wall. In stores, you can find many pieces displayed in salon style. So choose accordingly.

5. Paint a panorama

Now, you can try using a mural to create a comforting illusion from one place to another. Such things can be easily handpainted or bought online. In many cases, a motif is a perfect option to choose.

6. Attach shelves

Are you running out of space for your books? You can simply move your books on the wall, at the same time, design your wall. There are differently designed shelves available that you can install on the wall. Thus, you can use them to stack books, sculptures, or anything to decorate.

7. Organize your plates

Now, you can show off your crockeries by organizing them properly. There are wire plate hangers online that you can use to display your platters and dishes. If you have a few designed items in collections, you can also hang them to create a fancy look.

8. Organize your gallery wall

It is a great option to add colors by organizing your gallery wall. You can display a bunch of photographs, art, or even metal plates. Whether you want to keep the wall simple or fancy, it is completely your choice. Some also decide to mix different ideas to ornate the wall.

Note that: You can make your little space look larger by creating illusions.

9. Showcase sculptural sconces

Thinking about wall sconces to include in your space? A sconce can bring extra light but use up some space. Choosing an attractive wall sculpture or wall sconce can create a spacious and bright area for you.

10. Use greenery

Planters aren't only for the windows and balconies. This means that you can also add them to your room. If you're a green-lover, you can hang some plants to add greenery to your space.

Some might forget to regularly water the plants. In such cases, you can choose to purchase some faux plants. It is indeed a wise decision for your space.

11. Create some textures

Macrame has been very trendy in recent times. You can use a macrame for creating patterns and textures on the wall. There is a lot of best quality macrame at 99fab.com, so you can easily get your hands on them.

12. Use wall calenders

You can use wall calenders as creative wall décor ideas if it's a kitchen wall or office. Having an element that can keep track of days and also make the space fashionable is very important. Therefore, a bold and bright wall calender can put a hint of color in the room.

13. Hang a chalkboard or whiteboard

Whether home or office, you can hang a chalkboard or whiteboard. It would surely be very functional. However, you have to choose according to your needs. While chalkboards are rustic, whiteboards tend to be a modern alternative.

Also, you necessarily don't have to stick to black and white. These come in different colors and prints. Additionally, you can change the wall to a writeable surface using a special type of paint.

14. Create a personalize map or document the travels

Creating a personalized map is a great option for creative wall décor ideas. You can easily personalize your map or purchase one online while keeping in mind your theme color.

Also, for most travelers, this might be a go-to option. They can pinpoint the places they traveled to or are planning to visit.

15. Set up your television

Another option for wall décor can be to set up a television. You can easily use your space by including a flat-screen television. This would enhance the look, free up your cabinet and change the outlook of the whole space.

Some people think a switched-off tv is a lovely art piece. On the other hand, you can use the screens to show some images of special events.

16. Include a wall paneling

Shiplap paneling is very famous for wall paneling. With a fresh feeling, these help to fill up the space. So, you can easily use these in offices and houses. If you want a new look in your space, you can use these wall paneling on the exterior sides.

17. Attach your bike to the wall

Transform your wall by attaching a bike to the wall. This will create a sleek and stylish look while leaving space on the floor. You rarely find such designs around you, so your space would look eye-catching. Additionally, this is a very functional and fun creative wall décor that you might find.

18. Use removable wall hangings

Murals come with different designs and a luxurious matte finish. Stores like 99fab.com have a wide range of removable wall hangings in collections. You may choose such removable wall hangings to save your walls and if it's a rented place.

19. Get a dainty and fancy look using paper lights

You can get a dainty and fancy look using paper lights which will also be functional. These designs are unique and eye-catching. Plus, these lights can bring a soft, warm feel to the room.

20. Attach mats on the wall

Everyone loves a rug design, and abstract designs take away all the attention. Most people use them on the floor. However, attaching them to the walls can be a creative idea. Kid room deco0r


You purchase a mat according to your desired size and attach them above the fireplace. Notably, you will get an incredible and endless number of designs and patterns for such rugs in stores like 99fab. Therefore, you have an option to choose accordingly.

21. Use vegan taxidermy

Did you know about vegan taxidermy? These are animal heads made of vegan substances. You will find many unique handcrafted designs such as a head of a sheep, goats, elephants, etc. However, you can stay tension-free as no animals get hurt in these phases.

22. Build a constellation design

It is widespread to create a mini-universe for a kid's room. In most cases, you can build a constellation design on the ceiling. The best part is it's a perfect DIY project. You just need a template, some tape, and a white string to attach everything to the ceiling. Additionally, you can use white paint to create stars.

23. Create new designs

Instead of choosing a specific design, you can create your own design. You can use anything to be creative. Bright skateboards are an aesthetic option, as they eventually energize your space, creating a loud environment.

24. Display your headwears

Isn't your closet enough to store your accessories? Then you can install some pegboard and hooks to display your headwear. Simply stack some of them, and tada, it's a new look!

Final Verdict

Now that you know these 24 creative wall décor ideas, it will be very helpful for you to choose your own design. However, you can find more options on 99fab.com at a reasonable price.

Remember that wall decors can change the look of a space. If you want them to be fancy, you can choose something bright. And choosing dark colors would turn your space sophisticated and elegant.

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