X-Cam™ Smartphone Handheld Stabilizer - Gadgets - 99fab.com
X-Cam™ Smartphone Handheld Stabilizer - Gadgets - 99fab.com
X-Cam™ Smartphone Handheld Stabilizer - Gadgets - 99fab.com
X-Cam™ Smartphone Handheld Stabilizer - Gadgets - 99fab.com
X-Cam™ Smartphone Handheld Stabilizer - Gadgets - 99fab.com

X-Cam™ Smartphone Handheld Stabilizer

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Say GOODBYE to blurry images and shaky videos! Say HELLO to X-CAM

SIGHT2 Creative Sight 2 Axis Handheld Stabilizer for Smartphone Less than or Equal to 5.5" for Xiaomi Huawei iPhone6/6s/6

A specially designed device that is equipped with a Multi-perspective, Intelligent, Stabilization System to ensure smooth and steady capturing of images and videos. 

Why waste time trying to get the perfect picture when you could capture it the first time?

• Take beautiful, clear pictures and videos with the enhanced stabilizing technology.  

• Carry it with you when you travel to take stunning images of your vacation, business trip or journey.

• Capture those difficult but exciting action shots using the freely adjustable pitch angle switch.  


X-Cam™ Smartphone Handheld Stabilizer


• Anti-shake Technology for Gorgeous Images 

The X-CAM™’s 2-Axis Stabilizing System will help you to take steady, smooth photos and videos even if you’re in motion. You will forget you ever had shaky videos or blurry images. 

• Choose The Ultimate Angle 

Some action shots are difficult to capture at certain angles. That’s why the X-CAM™ has a pitch axis angle range of ±175 degrees, a horizontal shaft angle range of ±55 degrees and a pitch axis control angle range of ±45 degrees.

• Easy to Carry…Anywhere 

Sized at 5.9 in (L) x 1.9 in (W) x 2.1 in (H) and weighing only 189g, the X-CAM™ is designed for supreme portability. It's light, ergonomic and optimized design makes it foldable, adaptable, easy to hold. Take it with you…everywhere you go! 

• Connectivity for Instant Pictures and Videos  

Full connectivity between your smartphone and the X-CAM™ due to International Bluetooth 4.0 standards, available for IOS and Android (Above 4.1 version). This enables you to capture images in an instant, without quickly draining your battery life. 

• A Battery That Keeps Up with The Action 

The built-in 1000mAh Li-Po battery can last for up to FIVE hours (varies by phone)…constantly! If that wasn’t enough, it’s ready for more action with a charge time of only 2-3 hours!  

• LED Light Indicator to Keep You Aware 

The X-CAM™ will notify you when it needs to charge (red LED flashes slowly), when it’s ready for auto turn off (red LED flashes rapidly), when the Bluetooth connection is available (blue light flashes dimly - Bluetooth version only) and when it’s working normally (blue LED lights up constantly).

• Compatible with Your Favorite Smartphones 

The X-CAM™ is designed with an optimized structure that supports every smartphone, regardless of its shape and brand, once it’s below 5.5 inches in size (Smartphone is not included).

• A Design That’s Durable 

It’s made with PC engineering plastic that highly durable to withstand the average drop. Pick it up and continue taking pictures and videos with ease.

Here’s What You Get When You BUY NOW!

X-Cam™ Smartphone Handheld Stabilizer

Package Includes: 

  • 1 x Handheld X-Cam™ 
  • 2 x EVA thickening pads (only needed for small-sized smartphone) 
  • 1 x Hex Allen wrench
  • 1 x Charging cord 
  • 1 x Velvet bag 
  • 1 x Instruction manual 


X-Cam™ Smartphone Handheld Stabilizer Guarantee:

If the X-Cam™ amazes you too much with its exceptional image stabilization capabilities, return it to us within 14 days for a full, prompt refund. No questions asked! 

So why are you still taking blurry pictures with your smartphone? 

Get a device with an Intelligent, Stabilization System built inside which has two motors and a highly sensitive gyroscope to ensure a smooth and steady taking of photos and videos. Shaky and blurred images are things of the past when you get the  X-Cam™ 


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