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Wavenet 1336-N 16AWG Bare Copper 2-Conductor Indoor/Outdoor Speaker Wire  500 Feet
Wavenet 1336-N 16AWG Bare Copper 2-Conductor Indoor/Outdoor Speaker Wire  500 Feet

Wavenet 1336-N 16AWG Bare Copper 2-Conductor Indoor/Outdoor Speaker Wire 500 Feet

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16AWG CL2 Rated Two-Conductor Loud Speaker Cable - 500 Feet (For Outdoor Or In-Wall Installation) Bare Cooper One of the joys of having a quality audio/video system is being able to install speakers throughout the house, and even put them outdoors for when you’re enjoying those warm summer days and nights. Most loud speaker cable isn’t suitable for outdoor use because it isn’t built to handle the elements it can be subjected to when run outside the home. That’s when you need our Cmple 16AWG two-conductor speaker cable - it’s not only rugged enough to withstand pets or children tugging on it indoors, it’s tough enough for long-term outdoor installations in virtually any climate. The wires inside this loudspeaker cable are protected by three separate jackets; the color-coded red and black jacket for each of the two conductors, another white inner jacket, and then the ultra-tough black PVC exterior jacket. There’s nothing to worry about from cold, rain, snow or condensation with this cabling; it’s built to last. Of course, outdoor installations are usually just a part of a whole-house audio system, and this cabling is also perfect for indoor use with jackets which can handle being twisted and bent to fit where it needs to go, and CL2 rated for fire-resistance to meet almost any local building code standards for runs inside walls or ceilings. The only areas it can’t be used are in large building plenums. “What about the audio quality?” we hear you ask. There’s no worry there either, since this is a Cmple cable built to our exacting standards. The multi-twist, rope lay braided BAre Copper OFC conductors will easily deliver high fidelity audio over long runs throughout your home or all the way out to your pool, patio or backyard. There’s almost no signal loss whatsoever, with the full range of frequencies and crisp audio data delivered faithfully throughout the cable’s length. The gorgeous music you hear in your living room will sound exactly the same as the audio being played through the speakers out by your hammock. This cable is available with two or four wire as well. Here are the important specs for the Cmple 16AWG CL2 rated two-conductor loud speaker cable for outdoor or in-wall installation: Conduit: Bare Cooper OFC Gauge: 16AWG Length: 500 feet (152.4 meters) Conductor count: 2 Twist type: Multi-twist, rope lay Outer Jacket Color: Black 500 feet is a lot of speaker cable. But you’d be surprised how much cabling you need for a speaker system covering an entire home and outdoor area. It makes no sense to buy individual cable for indoor and outdoor use, when the Cmple outdoor/in-wall 16AWG cable can take care of the entire installation, at a truly impressive price.
Country of Manufacturer: NA
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

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Wavenet 1336-N 16AWG Bare Copper 2-Conductor Indoor/Outdoor Speaker Wire 500 Feet

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