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PAC Isimple Weatherproof Bluetooth Adaptor
PAC Isimple Weatherproof Bluetooth Adaptor

PAC Isimple Weatherproof Bluetooth Adaptor

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Bluetooth audio receiver to transmit music from your smartphone to any car, boat, or motorcycle with an AUX input or direct to amplifier. 4V output and weather-proof for all your adventures on the road, off road or on the water! This weather-resistant Bluetooth receiver lets you enjoy crystal clear, easy-to-control music streaming anywhere. Simply plug it into an RCA or AUX port, sync your device, and listen to anything you want-- without the hassle of cables and cords. Its compact size makes it useful when theres limited space, and its weather-resistant construction makes it great for outdoor use. Unlike the competition, the range doesn't cut out at 25ft. you'll be able to enjoy your music wirelessly well over 50feet with MusicStream! Coated PCB boards. Resilient polymer coating adds an extra layer of protection against weather, water, moisture, salt, temperature changes, and other factors. Fully sealed housing. Designed to be weather resistant, holding up to moisture and temperature changes in your car. Compact size. MusicStream is small and compact, making it ideal for car environments with limited space. 4V RCA output. Powerful output makes sure your cars stereo performs at its full capacity during wireless music streaming. FCC, Bluetooth, and CE certification. This device is fully certified, ensuring its compliance with modern standards for Bluetooth music streaming equipment. AUX input. MusicStream can also be used to transmit music from your phone using an AUX cable. Weather resistant receiver adds Bluetooth streaming to any analog input (RCA or AUX.) The compact, rugged design is an easy to install, 2-step hookup. Features 4V output for better audio quality. Includes all cables needed for RCA or AUX-in. Small enough to be installed in limited space. FCC, Bluetooth and CE certification. Includes Bluetooth to RCA Module RCA to AUX 3.5mm adapter cable 3pc marine grade heat shrink tubing
Country of Manufacturer: NA
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

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PAC Isimple Weatherproof Bluetooth Adaptor

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