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12 Types of Pillow Cover You Must Know About!

Nowadays, you will find a wide range of covers available in the market. It is more than necessary to pick the right one for you.

Here are the 12 types of cushion covers that are currently on the go:

1. Sequin Covers

Sequin pillows serve both purposes—along with giving an aesthetic look, they are also very comfortable to use.

People mostly use this kind of pillows for decorative purposes in the bedroom, living room, playing room, weddings, children's room, and the list goes on.

Thus, they become an ideal gift choice for gifting to a loved one for any occasion. You can even customize the entire design as per your preference. So make the right selection based on your décor. They will just go flawlessly, increasing a different kind of elegance and warmth.

2. Linen Covers

Linen cushion covers are one of the most high-quality covers that you will come across. Lightweight and 100% breathable – you will feel a different kind of comfort and luxurious vibes in them while sleeping.

Linen fabrics come with a great heat conductivity that directs away the heat from the body – making them a perfect cover for bedding, especially on hot summer days. So you can have a sound sleep throughout the night without worrying about the temperature. Besides, they are extremely easy to wash and safe to use.

3. Plush Toy Cushion

Do you like using fluffy and cute cushions? Well, then this cushion is the perfect one to go for. They increase the beauty of your room, and at the same time, you will enjoy every moment spent with these super comfortable and cutest cushions.

These cushions can be used for multipurpose works, starting from watching tv to reading, sleeping, or even hugging them as your partner – you will simply feel your best with them.

Comfortable, skin-friendly, extrusion-resistant – you can use this while taking a nap or as a cushion. Available in varied designs to choose from!

Hence, based on your preference, go for the one that will give you the ultimate joy upon seeing and sleeping on them.

4. Tropical Style Covers

Durable, stylish, and breathable – you will find all these 3 main criteria in a tropical style cushion covers. They are mostly made using top-quality polyester linens, and you can even customize the designs depending on your choice.

One thing you cannot beat this cover is certainly its comfortability. They are so comfortable that once you sleep on them, it's just hard not to fall asleep.

Also, they are super easy to clean and wash – making things more convenient from every perspective. These vibrant covers are a perfect item to decorate your drawing room in a unique style.

5. Cat Happy Reading Covers

Obsessed with cats? If so, then this pillow is certainly a must for you. As a cat lover, you will simply love having this pillow around you. In fact, the cat reading may work as a motivation in your study. Who knows, Right!

Jokes apart, these cushion covers are extremely cute looking and comfortable to use. Besides, they offer the extra support you need to keep your back and neck aligned correctly. After all, without having a good posture, you will not be able to relax properly.

On top of that, they become a really useful gift for anyone – from young to old, everyone will adore this pretty little thing!

6. Abstract Art Covers

Abstract art cushion covers add elegance to the place you put them. They suit almost every kind of home decoration and are perfect for using in your bedroom, living room, etc.

They are mostly made using polyester cotton blend linen and soft fabrics. And has a zippered opening on the side, which you can comfortably zip and unzip whenever you need to. Also, you can find them in vibrant colors, shapes, and sizes to meet your demands.

Give your bedroom or couch a colorful yet elegant attire with these pillows.

7. Cotton Covers

Super cool and highly absorbent – it is the most common form of the cushion cover. Coming with numerous thread counts, this kind of cushion cover is extremely easy to wash.

However, one of the downsides of these covers is they tend to bunch up easily and leaves a temporary crease mark on your face. Still, if you want to make your pillows simple yet comfortable, these are your go-to option.

8. Satin Covers

So, if you are searching for ways to enhance your skin and hair – then nothing can beat these covers. It is worth giving a shot at least for once in a lifetime. They are also pretty famous for preventing wrinkles and fine lines.

Apart from that, these pillow covers are extremely smooth and gentle to the skin. They have a different kind of luxury in them that you will experience upon usage!

9. Polyester Covers

They are more of an affordable option. But that doesn't mean these covers are any less good. Instead, they are lighter in weight and are wrinkle-resistant.

However, one of the drawbacks of them is they can get hot, absorbing all the body heat, which ultimately will make your body warm at night while sleeping. So, if you have the habit of sweating much, then this cover is not for you. Otherwise, you can go for them as they are durable and comes in different styles.

10. Silk Covers

Like the satin, this one is also cool and delicate to touch. And is effective in lessening frizz and facial wrinkles. However, as it is a natural fiber, they tend to offer an even better surface for your precious skin at night compared to the satin covers.

No wonder why the price is double!

11. Flannel Covers

Soft and cozy – this is how flannel cushion covers are. They are extremely good for keeping you warm and comfortable throughout the night. Although they are not as soft as satin or silk but are soft enough to meet your desired comfort level.

They are also good for your neck and back, along with lessening the pressure sores. Perfect for use in any room, especially the bedrooms!

12. Throw Covers

They are basically used for decorative purposes—for placing on your bedroom, couches, or anywhere you will want some warmth. However, most of these pillows come with designs or filing that are not machine washable. So make sure to check this feature before buying one.

But if you are searching for some pillow covers that requires less washing, try them out.

Why Should You Purchase Pillow Cover from 99FAB.com?

Pillow covers are an indispensable part of the pillows, without which they simply look incomplete. What's more surprising is this small thing can change the entire ambiance of a room with its look.

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