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Remember when a handcrafted product impressed you, and you really thought it was for you? Never felt the same since a long gone?

Your tiring search can now finally end up at 99FAB.COM. It's time to choose between the best and favorite ones of yours. Explore our wide range of handcrafted items.

4 Types of Handcrafted Products You Can Buy

People who love decorating their rooms search for handcrafted products. Whether it's baskets, trays, wall hangings, or home decors, you can buy handmade items from 99FAB.COM.

You'll definitely get lost over so many products, but you'll surely get the best-handcrafted products in stock. Here's a list of some items that you should check out.

Baskets - Fulfill Your Storage Needs

There is a variety of handmade baskets in stores. But it is very important to grab the best ones that suit you. Find our exclusive handcrafted baskets here.

Laundry Storage

Keep your clothes separate using handcrafted laundry storage. Whether it's your dirty or washed clothes, this storage will keep your surroundings neat and clean all day long. Now, you can choose your favorite ones from 99FAB.COM!

Fruit Baskets

Add a touch of elegance and sophistication while decorating your tables with beautiful fruit baskets. Made of wicker, your fruits will look tempting in those presentable baskets. It is very important to make your tables look delicate for any event or occasion, and these baskets are just perfect for that! See here.

Pot Basket

Bring out an aesthetic vibe from your plants with these handcrafted pot baskets. Plus, you can use them as organizers for baby toys, makeup, stationery, etc. Despite having a room in loud or simple colors, these will always compliment the background.

Jewelry Baskets

Sort your jewelry into beautiful handmade jewelry baskets. Crafted with wicker, these premium baskets hold no artificial color, making your jewelry last for a longer time. Plus, your jewelry stays organized and gives a clean look.

Trays - Your Hospitality Partner

While organizing your home, you will need different kinds of trays daily. Let's look into the different trays that are available now.

Serving Trays

Is your house full of sudden guests? Now, hospitality will get more graceful with these handmade serving trays. Crafted with eco-friendly material, these will surely keep your foods more organized while creating a sophisticated appearance.

Table Servings

Keep your spicy and savory dishes organized with these appealing handcrafted table servings. Custom built with durable material, you can easily make your servings more aesthetic and elegant. Plus, these are perfect for influencing your food appearance.

Wooden Tray

Environment friendly, maintainable, designable- a handmade wooden tray can serve it all. Your servings will look more artistic and creative with different patterns and styles. Also, you can use them anywhere as organizers, whether it's your washroom or bedroom.

Wall Hangings - Keep Things Organized

Wall hangings are widely used handmade crafts from around the world. Let's check out some must-have wall hangings that a handcraft lover should own.

Wall-mounted Rack

One of the trendiest accessories that you can see is the wall-mounted racks. Not only can they save a lot of space, but they can make your room look very well-maintained. You can perfectly use it for home or office.


Who doesn't want to keep their surroundings more set up and organized? Obviously, everyone does! These handmade organizers are perfect for your home or office to keep everything in place.

Home Decors - Decorate Your Dream House!

Home decors enhance the outlook of any place. Whether you are in a place to chill or an office to visit, you will definitely find home decors around you.

99FAB.COM brings various decors like Woven placemats, Rugs, Paper and napkin holders, Candleholders, Stool, Bowls, Cutlery, and much more. You can easily get these to bring uniqueness to the place. Additionally, home decors make a simple room look very posh with less effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of questions that might come in handy for you.

What Does Hand Crafted Mean?

Handcrafted products are made with hands rather than a machine. In most cases, the techniques and tools are solely traditional.

Why are Hand Crafted Products Better?

Hand-crafted gives more attention to details and holds a better quality. Additionally, all handcrafted products are environment-friendly and require less energy.

Do People Like Handmade Products?

In most cases, people prefer to gift handmade products to their loved ones. Therefore, people like handmade products even though they need to pay more for such products.

Why are Handmade Gifts Special?

People usually feel more special when they receive handmade products instead of readymade products. They value the time that you put in while making handmade gifts.

Why are Handmade Products Expensive?

Most handmade products are different as the experts use the best materials. Also, they need to give more labor, time, and effort to the whole process. It causes a price hike for handmade products.

Why is Handmade Better Than Machine Made?

Firstly, it requires higher-level expertise. Also, it needs more time, energy, and effort to make handmade products. Plus, paying more attention to the details is important while making handmade products. Therefore, people suggest handmade better than machine-made.

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