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Antique Sculpture

Integrating elements closer to nature is always a good idea for decorating your home.

So, are you looking for antique sculptures for your home? Want to show your sincere approach to appreciating the wilderness? Then 99FEB can be your desired online store to buy a wide range of antique sculptures.

They look exquisite with their detailed life-like formations, perfect carvings, and embellishments.

Let's look at our attractive sculptures for sale and pick your favorite sculpture.

Antique Bird Sculpture

Nature is comprised of both animals and aves. So, why not look for some lovely bird sculptures. Birds look gorgeous as their feathers have various colors and silky textures.

We have always had a connection with birds. From cave painting to contemporary arts of this age, creating bird forms is prevalent. Antique bird sculptures are there, too, in our antique bronze sculpture collections.

99FAB has different antique bird sculptures ranging from heavily ornamented to simple designs. You can look at them and find the most beautiful one for your home.

Antique Fabergé Eggs

The significance of Easter eggs is profound- it represents rebirth and fertility. Want to keep the Easter eggs around the house for a long time?

We have a massive collection of antique western-borne sculptures on 99FAB; it's Fabergé Easter eggs! These artificial and wonderful Easter eggs will genuinely catch your eyes.

Hence, it would be great to have some permanent Easter eggs. The Easter eggs we have are enameled and jeweled and come in various designs and color combinations. Simple design or gorgeous- you name it!

Also, the design and color are inspired by different themes. You will find designs like – music boxes, Russian designs, Turkish designs, Floral and bee-themed, Orange leaves, Hot air balloons, Flower vases, Easter bunny, and much more.

Amusing Antique Sculptures

Sculptures don't always have to be like- perched on the spot, resting their face on their hand with a ponderous look. This time purchase something from our antique sculpture collection that would make you smile immediately.

Besides, it's essential to have something witty around you. So when you get bored or depressed, an amusing sculpture can provide you with some diversion. You will find a happy bull standing, a turtle singing, a zodiac snake, cats stretching, and comical sculptures.

If you want to reinforce an enjoyable atmosphere around the house, including some diverting sculptures would be a smart decision.

Antique Sculptures of Musical Instruments

We all love to hear music. Also, many of us find musical instruments fascinating, don't we?

As much immersing it can be to listen to music, the design and look of the musical instrument can be intriguing too. Choosing some sculptures in the form of musical instruments will be a fantastic addition to your interior.

What is more, these will increase the aesthetic value of the entire interior design of your home. So, check our attractive antique sculptures for sale and get them at a lower price to decorate your house most beautifully.

Antique Wall Sculpture

Let's not forget to decorate the walls. Enough of buying paintings and wall clocks? It's time to try something different.

If you want to try out something exceptional for the walls, we have unique collections here. These collections will allow you to transform a room into a better place to live in.

In our collections, the most popular one is the butterfly set. Adding something like this will instantly change the look and ambiance of your house.

You could be decorating for the first time, or maybe you are redecorating. Either way, our antique wall sculpture collection can elevate the interior design one step ahead. Want to check them out?

Antique Vehicle Sculpture

Got a different test for antique sculptures? Maybe you are someone who is into collecting miniature vehicles. If so, you will love the antique vehicles on 99fab. Take a look at our selections of old sculptures of cars.

You will find Vespas, taxis, and other striking antique vehicle sculptures in the collections. They will add small beautiful details to your home.

These items come as silver-plated with a delicate touch of art. If you have a more deluxe preference, there are gold-plated vehicle sculptures. Besides, they are all enameled and adorned with pretty stones of different colors.

What are you waiting for, have a look at them right now?

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does an Antique Sculpture Cost?

These items come in several price ranges. For example, on 99fab, the price of an antique sculpture starts from $50. However, the cost can go as high as $10,000. The price depends on the material used, size, design, and the adornment of a sculpture.

How Do I Identify an Antique Bronze Sculpture?

There are various ways one can identify an authentic antique bronze sculpture. One way is - you can scratch an area with a key. If the sculpture is made of original Bronze, you will see a yellowish color through the scratch.

Why are Antique Sculptures So Important?

You see, antique itself means ancient. And old and ancient times contain history. Yes, we have histories written at our disposal. But the depiction of the character in history is needed too. To comprehend history better, antique sculptures are essential.

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