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What are Flickering LED Bulbs & What you didn't know about?

Gone are the days when fire was used to guide and light the way! In this day and age of advanced technology in almost every field, there are also electricity bulbs that are available with artificial and artistic fire and flames. Yes, that’s right. These things are gaining popularity like nobody’s business. 

People are always looking for new ways to change their simple, old lighting be it in your office or home.  There are many ways to enhance the lighting effects to beautify your home business!

Perfect type and amount of lighting can make a lot of difference anywhere and everywhere. It can highlight many areas that may have been overlooked in the past.

Now, there are obviously many lighting options available around and you must have tried all types of lighting but still be searching for that one mesmerizing and cost effective solution to ambient lighting.

You might have heard of ceiling mounted or wall mounted fixtures, chandeliers etc and they all have a different impact on your lighting of the house. With so many varieties and options in the market now days it is hard to decide what is probably best for you! And you do not easily find products that tick all boxes.


The LED Flame Effect Light Bulb or the LED flickering bulb

If you are looking for a change and want a fun and creative addition in your personal space, why not try these versatile and dynamic LED Flame effect light bulbs! LED stands for light emitting diodes. They have a longer life span and are electricity efficient. Other than that they light up quickly in comparison to other lamps.

This tubular shaped bulb is made up of two main materials, polycarbonate and aluminum. This makes it a strong but a light and portable item. The LED Flame effect light has the capacity of creating a peaceful and serene environment in your office or at home. It is a form of decorative lighting effect that can illuminate any area of the house or work and it looks spectacular outdoors as well. It is an artificial flicker flame and it has a flickering mode and a normal mode. Once you light it you will notice it automatically creates a relaxed and romantic vibe. As it is also energy efficient, you do not have waste extra dollars on electricity bills. It is very easy to handle and is shock and vibration resistant. It stimulates the natural flicker flame but is flameless. The color of the flame is as close to the natural flame as possible.

In the past, you had access to traditional gas lanterns or oil lamps but now it has progressed to various types of LED lamps. These LED flickering bulbs also create for great vintage decoration as well as a warm ambience.

The LED Flame effect light bulb allows you to create a cozy and romantic ambience in your home or at work! Be it outdoors or indoors you can use this in any part of your house! It is a versatile bulb and one that can enhance the lighting effect anywhere. It is a vivid and dynamic moving flame that is attractive and eye catching. They are a great investment as they are also low in energy consumption and quite effective to create impactful lighting.

Its features and specifications 

This bulb is only available for you to view and purchase online. Some of its stand-out features include a gravity sensor where it automatically switches the fire upside down and it can run for 50000+ hours. This fire bulb is ideal for places such as church, bedroom, a castle, living room or a bar. You can enjoy this outdoors as well or for wedding décor and parties.

Some basic features of this LED flame effect light bulbs are: 

  • Wattage - 7 watts
  • Voltage - AC 85-265 Volts
  • Lumens - 700LM
  • Color temperature - 1500K
  • Beam Angle - 360 degrees
  • Gravity Sensor - Auto switches the fire direction upside down.

Size of this LED flame effect bulb is 13.8*6 in cm and 2.4*5.4 in inches

This LED flickering bulb can grow a flame just like a torch and looks as natural as possible. Your guests or visitors will not be able to notice the difference. It is also a perfect alternative to traditional candles and ones that last longer. The best part this bulb does not heat up as much as the other bulbs especially if you plan to light this up the whole night. This makes the bulb last much longer than others

In comparison to the ordinary LED bulb which has dotted fire, the LED flicker bulb has true fire. It has the strength of 7 watts in comparison to the original 5 watts in an ordinary bulb. As this bulb stimulates natural flicker flame, it is referred to as an LED flicker blub as well

Note: There is some low-quality 5W bulb in the market. Be sure to check 7W real like fire bulb and with Gravity Sensor before you buy.

Versatile and creative solution to lighting

To get the best flickering experience, you can put in it in a frosted lampshade, lantern or salt lamp. O you could even try an opal glass lamp to get stunning results. Just think of some lovely jazz music accompanied with serene led flame lighting and you are sure to enjoy the ambience and have a great time! The dancing flame will certainly get your guests in the right mood and it’s a great addition to your home.

It will bring in warmth, enthusiasm and passion. You can consider investing in these during Christmas or festivities. They can literally create magic in your lives and they make for great holiday gift options.  It might look nothing at all to you if you see it online, but in person they are magical! You can use these for indoor or outdoor lighting, as desk lights, floor lights, garden lights or even as scones. You can be as creative with this product as you can. These LED flame effect light bulbs create a vintage yet modern vibe.

Wrapping Up:

So if you are searching for ways to make a great lighting transformation, you can invest in this one of a kind LED Flame effect light bulbs. They are sure to make a spectacular difference to your surroundings. 



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