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Top 5 Best Hand Sanitizers According to Experts

Since 2019, we all have been facing the global pandemic of COVID-19. Due to the spread of it, SOP’s were released by governments from around the world. We all had the responsibility to wash our hands, stay at home, use sanitizers again and again.

When it comes to preventing germs at your house or even on your hands, we all consider the best option to be soap and water. But, we couldn’t beat this pandemic with just soap, so alcohol-based hand sanitizers became necessary around the world. 

What is a Hand Sanitizer?

What is a hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are an amazing disinfectant product that you can find easily on shelves and online. Experts say that hand sanitizers containing 60% alcohol kill the germs and provide you ultimate protection from diseases.

You can find them in different types like some people use hand sanitizer gel. Some prefer the use of antibacterial disinfection spray to kill germs instantly. But the benefits are the same no matter what you choose as the goal is to prevent diseases.

Do Hand Sanitizers Resist Bacteria?

Of course, alcohol-based hand sanitizers come in handy no matter wherever you are. And, they resist bacteria to ensure you and your family is safe from germs. Hand sanitizers have become a must in every household, school, college, office, or restaurant, etc after the pandemic.  

How to Find the Best Hand Sanitizers?

It is hard to pick out the best hand sanitizers when you already have so many options. To help you find the right one for you that can instantly kill germs, we did our research and came up with the top 5 options.

These are expert choices and come quite handy whether you are looking for a gel or disinfectant spray. You can find these 5 products easily on 99fab.com.

So, let’s discuss them in detail. 

1. Alcohol Pads Disinfectant Wet Wipe

Disposable 75% Isopropyl Alcohol Prep Pads Disinfection Wet Wipe

When the pandemic hit us, we became extra careful. Not only do we want to keep our hands clean but everything we touch daily. For instance, your laptop, keys, smartphones, or anything that you carry with you.

You might have seen food deliveries coming with these wet wipes so you can rub them on the packaging and be 100% sure of your health. If you are looking for the best hand sanitizer for travel then this might be it.

Flight attendants even give out these to people so they can use them after meals or before landing. Also, you can use it for injuries as well as disinfect the area. 

Tips: Perfect to use for your mobile and other devices you carry. They have a lot of germs so wipe them out with these alcohol pads. 

2. BLUE SAFETY Hand Sanitizer Gel

BLUE SAFETY™ 55ml Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel Antibacterial Quick-Dry

It has the power to kill 99.9% of bacteria with just one use. This alcohol-based sanitizer is highly effective and you do need to wash your hands after using it.

It dries up quickly and does not give a sticky effect on your hands. Just add a drop and rub both of your palms and there you go. It is the best hand sanitizer for kids that they can use for schools or college.

As a parent, you are always looking out for the best. Choose a good product like this when it comes to the health of your children. So, you can be sure they are safe no matter where you are. 

Tip: This amazing and dry-gel hand sanitizer is perfect to use before you eat anything. 

3. BLUE SAFETY Antibacterial Disinfectant Spray

BLUE SAFETY™ 10ml Pocket Hand Sanitizer Antibacterial Disinfection Spray

Just like wet wipes or alcohol-based cotton pads, the antibacterial disinfectant spray comes quite in handy. It is not only to sanitize your hands but you can use it on anything. If you have received a parcel, and you want to disinfect it, go ahead.

You can use it on your accessories, keyboard, mouse, smartphones, and any item of the house. It is a good thing because you never know what you touched after coming into the house.

This pocket-size hand sanitizer spray will help you to disinfect and thoroughly clean everything. So, you and your family are safe from any kind of disease. 

Tip: An ideal product for social distancing that you can keep in your pocket whenever you go outside. 


4. BLUE SAFETY 100ML Hand Sanitizer Spray

BLUE SAFETY™ 100ml Hand Sanitizer Antibacterial Disinfection Spray

If you are looking for the best hand sanitizers, then this is the expert option for you. It is a top pick recommended by doctors and even used in hospitals. It contains 75% alcohol which is more than the recommended minimum amount to use for killing germs.

Moreover, it has a light fragrance and soothing qualities so people with sensitive skin can use it. Also, you can use it for travel as well. You might be going on a vacation or business trip, so it will come in handy to use. It is small enough to stay in your pocket or bag that you carry with you.

The best part about this product is that it will kill 99.9% of germs with one just. BLUE SAFETY is a trusted brand for years so you can use this product to kill harmful germs. 

Tip: You can use this spray to clean your hands if you touch anything that was disinfected. 

5. Quick-dry Antibacterial Disinfection Spray

60ml Hand Sanitizer Quick-Dry Antibacterial Disinfection Spray

Having the best antibacterial disinfectant spray is a blessing even in post-pandemic. You never know from where you can get the deadly virus. So, you have to be smart and carry quick-dry alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

It will not only keep you safe but your family or friends as well. We meet so many people or touch so many things in our routine, you can never keep track of anything.

It is wise to always carry a disinfectant spray with you to wipe off germs yourself and your things. Even people with sensitive skin can use it as it is 100% safe and lighter on the skin. 

Tip: The product contains 75% alcohol so use it for your meetings, friend gathering, or meeting someone out for coffee. It will kill 99% of germs instantly. 


These are the top 5 recommended products by experts that ensure 99.9% kill of germs. These are a must-have if you want to keep yourself and your family safe.

Even if we are in the post-pandemic we have to stick to the same SOPs to stop the spread. Using hand sanitizers that we recommend will definitely help you out in killing harmful germs and staying safe. It is our and even your responsibility to use these products and disinfect germs and bacteria from our life. 

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